Caravan Migrants have Gall to Make Demands of US

We’ve all known people who had the gall or audacity to do things that we would never dream of doing, nor believe should have been done.

For example, I was a company potluck where one of the employees went from person to person, eating off their plates without asking and he did this on a regular basis.

I knew a family who had to evict a problem child who was a young adult from the home, only to have the child demand that the parents replace her car after it broke down.

That’s the same audacity we are seeing from the caravan migrants who have the gall to demand that the United States speed up OUR asylum process.

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Breitbart – Migrant Caravan Leaders Hold Presser, Demand U.S. Speed Up Asylum Process – Central American migrants in the caravan held a press conference in Tijuana, Mexico, on Tuesday and demanded that the United States speed up its asylum process to allow more migrants into the country.

Migrants who have spoken to establishment media outlets in recent months have cited economic reasons for coming to the United States. Economic claims, though, as even numerous establishment media outlets have noted, do not qualify migrants for asylum. As a CBS Evening News report recently acknowleged: “Most tell us they are fleeing extreme poverty, but that’s not a condition for asylum or refugee status in the U.S.”

But on Tuesday, the migrant leaders claimed that “they are going to get killed” if they return to their countries, according to NBC News…

If I was President Donald Trump, I would tell the caravan migrants that they don’t have any rights here in the United States.

They don’t have the right to make demands of our government.

They don’t have the right to illegally enter our country as they planned to do.

They don’t have the right to bring their violence (as demonstrated by their border attack which included throwing rocks and bottles at US Border Patrol agents), into OUR country.

The caravan migrants have displayed that they have no regard or respect for American law and therefore, that makes all of them undesirable, because us taxpayers are having a hard-enough time paying our way, let alone paying theirs.



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