Captain America Should become a Christian and Fight ‘Transgender’ Terrorists

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Marvel Comics has turned Captain America into an agent of an organization originally tied to the Nazis. Fans aren’t happy but Marvel has doubled down on the change. It says it’s a brilliant creative move and that ignorant people don’t understand what is happening. It has even ridiculed people who are upset with what it’s done. This reveals a lot about the people running Marvel, particularly when you consider that they would never consider making Captain America a Christian who fights “transgender” terrorists.

I couldn’t be happier with Marvel choosing to insult America and alienate its fans. It’s an opportunity for me to promote my own work.

At the same time I realize that, despite what Marvel says, this wasn’t done for creative reasons. Instead, it was done to anger people. Doug Ernst’s analysis shows this. (Doug also shows that Marvel wants to make its fans hate the current incarnation of its heroes so they’ll demand new and politically correct ones.)

But there is something even more remarkable to realize about all this: while Marvel isn’t backing down from what it’s currently doing with Captain America, it would never consider making him a God-fearing man who fights transgender terrorists and their goal of forcing men into women’s bathrooms.

Turn him into a Nazi? Sure. But a Christian who fights deviants? No way! Marvel would never do that under the current people who run it. They’re willing to do just about anything to provoke people, but they wouldn’t dare make one of their heroes a Christian fighting the fantasy of a transgender human being. After all, they’re all onboard with the LGBT agenda and everything else evil.

And this shows Marvel’s true nature and how it is clearly lying about why it’s making changes to one of its longest-lived and most prominent characters.

But like I said, I encourage Marvel to continue down this path. It’s an opportunity for me. And who knows? Maybe someday I’ll write a story about a good guy fighting transgender terrorists.

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