Can You Imagine a Sheriff Coming to Your Door for Your Seven-Year-Old Son?

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Can you imagine a sheriff coming to the door, knocking on your door and you’re wondering what in the world is going on? And you find out that the sheriff is there because of your seven year old son. What happened to your son? Why is the sheriff visiting because of your son? What did he do?

Mat Staver: Holly, if you were there and you got a knock on the door — obviously it’s intimidating to have a sheriff there — you’re wondering what’s going on? Why am I getting this visit from Law Enforcement?

Holly Meade: That would be pretty scary, as a mom. 

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Mat Staver: And it’s about a seven year old boy that’s your son and what did he do? He was passing out Bible verses to some friends at school during lunch.

Holly Meade: The craziness of this whole situation, to call the sheriff because a little boy is wanting to share Bible verses with his friends who are asking for them!

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