Why Call Names? An Answer to Olavo de Carvalho

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Public comment by Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho in his Facebook profile (posted on November 25, 2015):

“Pope Francis may really be collaborating with globalist ambitions, but the World Council of Churches (which is Protestant) was already collaborating forty years ago. This the scoundrel Julio Severo does not tell.”

His comment was posted hours after I spread publicly in my Facebook the publication, in Barbwire, of my article “Catholic Church Paid Millions in Dollars to Facilitate Immigrant Invasion in U.S.

In this article, no profanity was used against the pope or the Catholic Church.

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I do not like and I do not use profanity. But even though I liked it, Barbwire, where I am a columnist, has an inflexible posting policy, which says: “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.”

Courteous behavior distinguishes conservatives from liberals. Profanity habit is proper for liberals, not Christian conservatives.

Therefore, if I called the pope, the Catholic Church or Olavo a “scoundrel,” I would rightly be rebuked or expelled from Barbwire.

My Barbwire article was based on exposés by Cliff Kincaid, a Catholic American who has already interviewed Olavo. So my main source was Kincaid. How could not Olavo perceive it if I made it clear, giving full credit to the source? If he had not perceived it, what is he going to do now? To call Kincaid a “scoundrel”?

I have publicized in Brazil some articles exposing Pope Francis’ collaboration with globalist ambitions. Some of these articles are from Catholic pro-life sources. Others are from WND (WorldNetDaily), especially the report “Vatican aligns with U.N. on ‘world governance.’” (My translation: “Vaticano se alinha com a ONU para a formação do governo mundial.”) If Olavo is displeased with this WND exposé, why revile the translator, not the original publisher?

About the World Council of Churches, the most detailed and profound exposés in Brazil against this apostate institution were translated and published by me.

In 2014, I published in Portuguese the translation of “Resurrecting Liberation Theology,” written by Mark D. Tooley and published by FrontPage.

In 2007, I published in Portuguese the translation of “Soviet Ghosts Haunt the World Council of Churches,” by the same author and magazine. In that time, Olavo’s website in Portuguese published my translation.

Both Tooley reports show that the World Council of Churches (WCC) is involved with Liberation Theology, by mentioning especially Rev. Walter Altmann, who was then the WCC Moderator.

Immediately after I published a Tooley report in Brazil (July 2007), an assistant of the WCC Moderator got in touch with me asking for “dialogue” between Altmann and me.

My answer: “What is there to dialogue? Walter Altmann needs urgently to dialogue with the Holy Spirit, repent from his many sins and change his course while there is time. God is love and mercy, but also justice. Sooner or later, Altmann is going to reap everything that he has planted, because God delays, but he does not fail.”

There are many other articles in my blog against WCC. No one of them reviles WCC or Altmann.

In America, Olavo’s name appears as president of the Inter-American Institute, a conservative institution with prominent evangelical and catholic conservative figures. Its mission is to attack the Left. But currently, its president is busy attacking, with many dirty words for weeks, a man who fights the Left and supports Ronald Reagan since the 1980s, when Olavo was still a left-winger in Brazil.

I know personally some members of the Inter-American Institute. No one of them is foul-mouthed. I have never heard, for example, evangelical John Haskins, who had a vital role in the establishment of the institute, using dirty words.

But when the president of this institute says publicly “This the scoundrel Julio Severo does not tell,” he commits two sins: 1. He reviled a conservative Christian. 2. He lied, because this same conservative has already told everything that he needed to tell on WCC.

Yet, different from the Catholic Church, where the pope rules, WCC does not rule all churches in the Protestant and Pentecostal movement. It has influence only on affiliated churches.

In my case, I have never attended a WCC-affiliated evangelical church. Even so, I have told everything about WCC that Brazil needed to know.

I only did not use to tell in the U.S. that in Brazil Olavo is publicly a foul-mouthed man who attacks conservatives.

Vulgarity and profanity are behaviors improper for conservatives, in Brazil or the U.S. Olavo, who has been reviling me since 2013 when I rejected the Catholic Inquisition, needs to understand this fact.

Portuguese version of this article: Por que xingar? Uma resposta a Olavo de Carvalho

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