California’s Socialist Leaders Propose Taxing Text Messages

If you want to know what America would be like under Democratic rule, just take a look California.

California’s socialist Democrats were the first to pass a cap and trade law, forcing many companies to leave the state.

They have been busy over the pass few years, enacting as many anti-Second Amendment gun control laws as possible.

They have been passed laws making it near impossible for any Christian to help a homosexual, even if the homosexual asks of the help.

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They were the first state to become a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.

As the state continues to spend beyond their budget, they keep seeking ways to raise taxes or create new ones including a tax on text messages.

Fox News – California mulls tax on text messaging, may lead to showdown with federal regulators – A California regulator’s plan to tax texts in order to fund cellphones for the poor hit a snag Wednesday after a Federal Communications Commission ruled text messages aren’t subject to the utility agency’s authority.

The decision by the FCC, which categorized text messages as “information services” on par with emails and not “telecommunications services,” came in an effort to combat robo-texts and spam messages. The California Public Utilities Commission now faces an uphill battle ahead of a scheduled vote on the measure next month.

Those opposed to the planned tax hailed the FCC decision a victory.

“We hope that the CPUC recognizes that taxing text messages is bad for consumers,” Jamie Hastings, senior vice president of external and state affairs for CTIA, which represents the U.S. wireless communications industry, told The Mercury News. “Taxing this service would burden those who rely on and use this service each and every day.” …

A friend of mine, who lived in California until a couple years ago, told me that California’s socialist Democrats will eventually tax and regulate everything, including when you go to the bathroom and how much you get rid of.

He moved away from the state where he was born, raised, educated, married, started a family and built a career.

However, he could no longer live in a state that openly persecuted Christians and glorified the debauchery and abominable lifestyle of LGBT individuals.

It cost him a fortune to leave everything he had built, but he said he could no longer live in such a hedonistic anti-God culture.

Therefore, knowing what he has told me and what I’ve heard from others, the move to tax text messages is no real surprise from the tyranny of socialist Democrats and that’s what America will be like if they ever gain control of the federal government.



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