California Jihad Massacre Is A Wake Up Call

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The San Bernardino massacre by these two Muslim jihadists, illustrate a couple things to us and should be a wake up call. Number one, gun control is not going to resolve the situation, especially in one of the states that has the strictest gun control laws. And number two, jihadists are right here in our back yard and we need to take specific action. We need to be aware of the threat.

Mat Staver: Matt, President Obama, in his short 15 minute message to the nation from the Oval Office on a Sunday evening during Prime Time really didn’t give anything new with regards to the war against terror. Because he doesn’t even understand what the adversary is. He will not acknowledge the enemy, in this case. He cannot use the word, will not use the words Islamic jihadist, or radical Islam, or anything that remotely Islam to terrorism.

And on the other hand he tries to say that one of the remedies is gun control. And the fact of the matter is had some of those people been armed in California, had they been carrying a concealed weapon, with a concealed weapon permit or whatever, there is no question in my mind that there might have been fewer people massacred. Someone would have pulled out a weapon and stopped those individuals in the midst of their massacre.

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But because they are in a state in which, that is one of the strictest in the country with gun control, and they’re working for a government entity, no one apparently had any concealed weapon permits on their person and so they were relegated to hiding under tables and behind places to secure their own personal safety. But they were not able to defend themselves.

Matt Barber: Yea Mat, I just read an article in the LA Times from about a year ago, that did a ranking of gun control, California is actually number 1. Is the most strict state, has the most restrictive gun control laws in all 50 states. And you need to note here as well that Paris, France, has banned guns altogether. So this is on the heels of the massive slaughter in Paris.

And we have news of an Uber driver in Chicago who had a carry conceal permit, he sees somebody start shooting into a crowd and he gets out and he takes the guy down. No one was killed. The only person that was the guy who was trying to commit mass murder in chicago. Of course the mainstream media is not covering this, you had to go to Breitbart…

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