California – From Golden State to Tarnished State [VIDEO]

For over a century and a half, California has been known as the Golden State. When California became a state in 1850, just a couple of years after the famous gold rush, the state had the unofficial nickname of the Golden State. In 1968, it became the official nickname of the land of nuts, fruits and flakes (define as you wish).

Some say the name only referred to the gold rush, but others say it has many meanings. It could refer to the vast fields of golden poppies that blossom all over the state each spring. Some say it refers to the golden sunsets over the California coast and then there is the Golden Gate Bridge.

The nickname could refer to all of these things, but to many the Golden State referred to a land of opportunity in many different areas. It was where tens of thousands of people migrated to in search of their dreams and fortunes and for many years that was probably true.

Today, California’s Golden State status has become quite tarnished, as pointed out by Sharyl Attkisson on her program Full Measure:

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California has a new governor and he faces a host of challenges. The California Dream has fallen out of reach for many with the high cost of housing, health care and energy and problems with water, schools, and illegal immigration. Because of its size, what happens in California tends to have impact beyond state borders. In 2017, California’s economy was fifth largest in the world, right behind Germany—beating out Great Britain. Today, we investigate how the Golden State has become the Tarnished State.. and is on a mission to regain its shine.

Sharyl: California is known for Sun Fun and Lifestyle. It’s home to some of the world’s great innovators. But now more than ever, California is a state of wild contrasts. In the shadow of lavish neighborhoods with multimillion dollar homes are sprawling encampments filled with workers and families living out of campers and cars.

Sharyl: We’re in the heart of Silicon Valley. Google headquarters is just a couple of miles away. And this is one impact of the fact that so many workers in the state can’t afford to buy a house or even rent an apartment.

Sharyl: California’s homeless population spiked nearly 14% in 2017 — reaching 134,000.

Sharyl: What do you think is the number one challenge?

John Cox: making sure that the forgotten California the middle class can actually make a life in this state.

Sharyl: Attorney and businessman John Cox, a Republican, lost the Governor’s race to Democrat Gavin Newsom— who declined our request for an interview about California’s future. Cox campaigned against the 40% gas tax hike under Governor Jerry Brown— who also declined our interview request. California’s state tax on a gallon of gas is now 55.5 cents.

John Cox: It’s the cost of gasoline. It’s the cost of housing. It’s being driven up by regulations, by impact fees, by litigation, by delay.

Sharyl: The Golden State has racked up a growing list of troubles.

You can watch her full exposé on the many problems facing a state that has been ruined by the liberal and socialist Democrats. As you do watch and learn, understand that what is happening in California today is a picture of America in the very near future if Democrats regain control of Congress and the White House, and I don’t know about you, but that’s NOT the America I look forward to or want to leave to my children and grandchildren.



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