California Forward or Backward? [VIDEO]

Russia-gate is a diversion from the communist spies who have been manipulating prominent California politicians for years, says analyst and activist Gary Richard Arnold.

Arnold and host Cliff Kincaid discuss several cases, including former Obama CIA director and “insider” Leon Panetta, a founder of “California Forward;” Senator Dianne Feinstein; and former Senator Alan Cranston, a leader of the World Federalists.

It turns out that current California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris began her left-wing career as an intern in Cranston’s office and her father was a Marxist economist.

Tragically, he says, most Republicans are “dumb, stupid, or scared” and reluctant to challenge the power of the “traitors” based in California who are taking their subversion nationwide.

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A resident of Santa Cruz, Arnold says the Golden State has deteriorated to such an extent that syringes given away by local needle exchanges are being left by homeless drug abusers on the state’s beaches, threatening families and children with disease and death.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Remember Natalia Veselnitskaya? She was the Russian attorney who arranged the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 campaign season?

According to Trump Jr., he didn’t know who he was going to be meeting with, but when the meeting did take place, he quickly discovered it was under false pretenses and he never received any information about Hillary Clinton. This fact alone should have raised some questions as to the real purpose of the meeting. Was the real motive nothing more than laying a trap for Donald Trump Jr. with Veselnitskaya being a plant by the Obama administration?

She later claimed that she was trying to persuade Trump to overturn the Magnitsky Act, which allows the punishment of Russian officials over the questionable death of Sergei Magnitsky, who died in a Russian prison on what US officials believe to be phony charges. If that claim was true, her meeting with Trump Jr. took place months prior to the election when many believed Hillary Clinton would easily defeat Donald Trump. Why didn’t Veselnitskaya try meeting with Clinton or someone with her campaign?

The circumstance surrounding Veselnitskaya being the United States should also have raised some serious questions about the Obama administration, especially since she entered the US without a proper visa. She received special permission directly from then US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Supposedly, she was only allowed into the country to work on a legal case from October 2015 to early January 2016. Then she was supposed to return to Russia, but she didn’t and the Obama administration never did anything to send her back home. Why did they allow her to remain in the country beyond the date of her special dispensation?

Veselnitskaya claimed to have no connection with the Russian government or Kremlin, yet, a few days after her meeting with Trump Jr., she was photographed sitting behind Michael McFaul, Obama’s Ambassador to Russia at a committee hearing on foreign affairs. McFaul is an Obamanite loyalist who had been at the root of the accusations made claiming there was collusion between Trump and Russia.

Veselnitskaya had also been linked to the infamous Steele dossier and involved with Fusion GPS. The dossier was since proven to be false and has been thoroughly discredited.

If Veselnitskaya had really been trying to help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, then why did she attend a George Soros sponsored anti-Trump rally. Her own Facebook page had photos of her attending the Women’s March that took place in Chicago the day after Donald Trump was sworn into office?

Paul Joseph Watson, editor with Infowars posed a very pertinent question?

“Was Veselnitskaya part of a ruse to entrap Don Jr. in an embarrassing situation that could later be used to implicate him as having colluded with Russia?”

When you put everything involving Natalia Veselnitskaya together, it smelled worse than rotten fish. It was the Obama administration that allowed to her to enter the US without proper papers and then to overstay her special permit. She seemed to associate with Obamanites and attended an anti-Trump rally. All of her actions say she is against President Donald Trump, which begs the question if her bogus meeting with Trump Jr. was nothing more than an Obama-planted trap to ensnare Donald Trump Jr.?

Then entire matter involving Veselnitskaya spoke loudly as to the involvement of Russia and Russians with Democrats and considering how strongly Democrats are pushing their socialist agenda, Veselnitskaya is probably only the tip of the iceberg of Democrat and Russian collusion.


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Cliff Kincaid has written two books on Obama, two on the United Nations, and many on media bias. His public policy group America’s Survival, Inc., has produced several films and videos on America’s first Marxist president and was instrumental in disclosing Obama’s communist connections in Chicago and Hawaii before he was elected. Cliff can be reached at

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