California Forces Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion

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California is now attempting to force pro-life organizations, pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers, to literally participate in and promote abortion. This is absolutely outrageous, but it’s indicative of the bad policies of California, and of the current governor, Jerry Brown.

Mat Staver: Matt, The Reproductive Fact Act was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown not long ago. It fines pro-life pregnancy centers if they do not post signs in their waiting rooms promoting California’s low, or free, abortions and directing women to the facilities that literally commit homicide through this abortion atrocity.

That’s unbelievable. It’s forced speech. It is forcing these centers to do exactly the opposite of what their mission and their sincerely held religious beliefs. This is so contrary to our fundamental core values and contrary to life and this is being challenged. But this is outrageous that we would have a government force Crisis Pregnancy Centers engaged in directing women toward committing, literally the destruction of their innocent human children.

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Matt Barber: By way of analogy, this wouldn’t be nearly as bad as what Governor Brown has done here, clearly a gross First Amendment violation, they’re not going to get away with this. But it just shows you how the abortion lobby just worships at the altar of abortion and death, and that they are willing to try to compel, force pro-lifers to violate their conscience and promote murder.

Well, by way of analogy it would be like Governor Brown signing a law that says all Jewish Synagogues and all Muslim Mosques throughout California have to put up signs advertising the pork industry, promoting the pork industry. That wouldn’t be nearly as bad as what Governor Brown is doing here.

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