Bundy Made Boomhauer Sound Like Demosthenes and Yet, Big Government Still Sucks

Barb Wire

By Doug Giles

Thank God Cliven Bundy gave the Left something to smack him over the head with, because that “Negro” comment took the spotlight off the brute force of big government and placed it on the ramblings of an inarticulate old man.

Man, I bet Harry Reid was so relieved that he thoroughly soaked his size-small adult diaper.

Yep, the stealing of old Cliven’s cattle; the paramilitary machinery levied against cowboys on horses; the sniper’s bouncing multiple .223 rounds off Bundy’s bull’s noggins via helicopters; the dumping of his slaughtered cattle into mass graves and the separation of his mama cows from their nursing calves by government goons was about the worst PR the BLM could ever dread to receive. Heck, even PETA was bitching about the Bureau of Land “Management.”

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But in Obamaland, all that is second fiddle to an old, white cowboy saying “Negro, slave and pickin’ cotton” in the same sentence.

Heck, I’m so terrified of being labeled a racist that I don’t drink Negra Modello any longer and I refuse to order frijoles negros when I go out to eat in Little Havana. In addition, I refuse to read aloud MLK’s I Have A Dream speech because it uses the word “Negro” about a dozen times.

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