Bullying and Bribes: Pink ‘Poverty’ Forces School Propaganda

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Minnesota parents are fighting again to keep homosexual activists from further takeover of the state’s schools. Yet another pro-homosexual “anti-bullying” bill is being debated in the MN state legislature with the innocence of children as the prize.

It’s highly probable the current measure wouldn’t have a chance if not for the Southern Poverty Law Center. A lawsuit filed by SPLC in 2011 on behalf of several students who claimed to be bullied over homosexuality and gender confusion brought the Anoka-Hennepin ( Minneapolis) school district to its political and financial knees.

It’s never enough for schools to simply punish bullies if the topic of homosexuality is at all involved. Re-education camps for everyone would be optimal, but gay activists like “Pink Pov” will make do with demonizing conservatives who create a “hostile climate” by their very existence, and demanding students be subjected to  a risk-hiding PR campaign advocating the “pride” lifestyle.

And that includes the outrage of affirming gender confusion in children.  Eric Holder’s Department of Justice and the federal Department of Education Office of Civil Rights intervened in Minneapolis as well, shamelessly deploying a Title IX argument. Title IX was enacted to prevent sex discrimination, as in male/female, and was never intended for cross-dressers, thank you very much. But misapplying law is an Obama administration specialty.

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Prominent cultural Marxists held this Minneapolis school district hostage, united with one goal: force the school district to install sweeping pro-homosexual programs, silence all other viewpoints, and punish any dissenters. Of course, the school district caved to the radicals, so now the federal DOJ is in “oversight” mode in a local school district. We can add this to the long list of tyrannical actions by the current DOJ.

The school hired “diversity” staff and mental health counselors, all suitably pro-sodomy and anti-morality. Indoctrination training is underway and conservative values are not welcome. But support now exists for “LGBT” youth, meaning, young people are being tragically persuaded they are born as homosexuals or need gender reassignment surgery because they were “born in the wrong sex body.” Such prehistoric mumbo-jumbo is what now passes for “progress.”

Apparently Holder has little else to do, since he’s refusing to defend laws he doesn’t like.

Schools are often in a difficult position, even though they often bring it on themselves by not hanging tough when the manipulators come calling. Children are the losers when the grown-ups don’t take a hard look at what is actually being packaged and sold, often under the guise of “safety” and “bullying prevention.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center is showing up in other school districts to help create a climate of what they call tolerance. Under its “Teaching Tolerance” brand, they were the center of a recent controversy when it was discovered that teachers in Hawaii were paid $250 for attending a “tolerance” workshop, one that conveys leftist pro-homosexual ideology. Bribes, one lawmaker called it.

There’s another perspective on school bullying prevention efforts, highlighted in a recent article published by Eagle Forum that details research measuring the effectiveness of such programs. The Journal of Criminology examined  195 schools in 50 states, including 7000 students, and found that not only were such programs of dubious worth, some may actually inspire potential bullies with newly- learned harassment tactics.

Then there’s the recent controversy over a documentary film called Bully. This gruesome and depressing film may also be wildly distorted, according to some critics. It covers the cruel bullying experienced by several students and part of the content involves students bullied about homosexuality. The film communicates the usual liberal deception that approval of homosexuality is the only hope for such conflicts.

At the end of the film, pictures are shown of two students who committed suicide. Last fall (2013), communities in Illinois and Nevada were stunned by the suicide of two students, both tragedies following the viewing of Bully as part of school anti-bullying programs. In Nevada, the 12-year old shot two students and killed a teacher as well as himself.

Do homosexual activist groups like the Southern “Poverty” Law Center, or the Obama administration, care about the collateral damage along the way to a “gay” utopia? It won’t be just the Christian and conservative families who will be silenced.  Others may be silenced as well—possibly forever. Children are vulnerable and impressionable,yet the compassionate left seems to ignore this reality.

The question becomes, what can truly caring parents do?

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