So About That Building a Goat Monument to Satan Thing…

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There’s at least some plausible, understandable upside to deciding to be an atheist. You get 80 or so years to pretend that there’s no god but you in your own personal little universe. You get the self-deluded pleasure of no moral authority. And unless you join that bizarro atheist church you also get to sleep in on Sunday mornings. So, a life of no ethical accountability (at least in your own mind) and staying up late on Saturday nights – not necessarily enough for me to gamble my eternal soul on, but hey, to each his own.

That being said, worshiping Satan is something that just doesn’t seem to have any real positive benefits or advantages to it. Does it? I suppose levitating might seem cool at first, but once the uncontrolled vomiting and deep raspy voice set in, I think it would be time to pull the plug.

Apparently not for a brash group of Satanists in Oklahoma who are so pleased with their decision to worship the evil lord of darkness that they want to set up a Sabbatic Goat monument right alongside the Ten Commandments on the Statehouse lawn in Oklahoma City. I can only imagine what that would do for tourism. “C’mon kids, climb right up there on the goat head altar, nestle under Beelzebub’s chin and smile at the camera.”

To their credit, officials in the state are vowing to do whatever it takes to keep the Satanists from erecting this intellectually and morally offensive stone monument anywhere near the lawn. But the sad thing is that we have been so stupid in our placating of the multiculturalist nonsense that says, “every belief is just as legitimate and equal as every other belief,” that we have put the screws to our societal sense of rationality.

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When we accepted the ignorant premise that every religion or religious belief must be treated in an equal way with no preferential treatment or promotion to one over another, we were toast. Our Founders obviously didn’t believe that way. Even Benjamin Franklin, the least religious of all the Founding Fathers, wrote in his Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania (couldn’t they have come up with more exciting titles back then?),

“History will afford the frequent opportunities of showing the excellency of the Christian religion above all others.”

In other words, old Ben didn’t think that Satanic ideas were to be as valued, preferred and promoted as Christian ones. But in the intervening 200 some odd years, our open-mindedness has evolved to the point that our brains have fallen out.

For all the constitutional law professors who will puff up their chests and start prattling on about the constitutional requirement for government religious neutrality, let’s be clear about a couple things. First, the U.S. Constitution requires no such neutrality. It forbids the Congress from picking one denomination and giving its members preferential treatment and financial advantage, as well as compelling attendance to its meetings against the conscience rights of those who would refuse. In short, the First Amendment forbids religious establishment like existed in the mother country of England.

The religious “neutrality” nonsense originated with a bunch of black robed lawyers of the Supreme Court whose confidence in their own brilliance was exceeded only by the silliness of their proclamation. Pray tell, how might a state actually be “neutral” on the subject of God and His moral authority? As Gary DeMar logically points out:

“If a government refuses to acknowledge God as the sovereign ruler over its affairs, it is not being neutral. It has taken a position against God and has made itself the sovereign ruler over everybody’s affairs with no ultimate authority to which it would have to answer. The State would be god.”

And that’s precisely what leftists (like those self-assured titans of the Supreme Court) have always sought: the exaltation of the state as the ultimate and final authority. It’s why pursuit of political power and control of the masses has always been their only real priority.

So let’s make this much simpler than anyone thinks we can make it (and much simpler, I guarantee, then it will actually be made when this inevitably hits our courts): the Oklahoma Constitution specifically acknowledges and invokes the being and authority of the Creator God. That Creator God is the polar opposite of Satan. Thus, to elevate anything or anyone to the same level of reverence as the Creator God and His divine order and natural law is not only stupid and societally suicidal, it is completely and utterly unconstitutional.

So put that in your Satanic Stovepipe and smoke it.

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Pete Heck lives in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife Jenny, and their three young children. An award-winning public high school teacher, Pete has also authored three books on Christians in our culture. He also hosts a radio program, The Pete Heck Radio Show, and has been heard on over 200 radio stations around the country.
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