British State Cruelty to Children: Controversial Conservative PM Who Can Hinder It But Does Not

Alfie Evans

Update: After five days without ventilation, little Alfie died, on April 28, as a direct consequence of the removal of the ventilation support he needed to survive.

The 23-month-old British baby Alfie Evans is in the center of the international pro-family news because the British government wants to discontinue life-sustaining treatment and his parents want to continue it.

In 2016, Alfie, according to CNN, “was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease associated with severe epilepsy and has been in a semi-vegetative state for more than a year. During that time, he has been kept alive by artificial ventilation in the critical care unit.”

British doctors at the Alder Hey Hospital, where Alfie was admitted, said treatment was futile and that, if they were to withdraw Alfie’s ventilation support, the child would shortly die.

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At 9:17 p.m. Monday (April 23, 2018), ventilation and hydration support was withdrawn. But the baby did not die!

For hours, Alfie continued to breathe unaided, with hospital staff refusing to help with either ventilation or hydration despite his coughing, according to the Christian Concern statement and Alfie’s father.

Pope Francis said in his Twitter account, “Moved by the prayers and immense solidarity shown little Alfie Evans, I renew my appeal that the suffering of his parents may be heard and that their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted.”

The Italian government granted Italian citizenship to Alfie on Tuesday and applied to the foreign secretary for permission to intervene to save Alfie’s life.

About 2 a.m. Tuesday, the Alder Hey hospital staff provided some hydration and oxygen support. To make a baby go through hours of torture is unimaginable.

CBN, of Pat Robertson, ventured to say that the United Kingdom is so proud — supposedly of its free health care system — that it cannot allow the mercy of other nations to intervene. British medicine is socialist medicine. The cost is high: once you are admitted in it, you cannot opt out even when there are alternatives outside of it. At least, this is Alfie’s case.

There is a contradiction in the British treatment of babies with degenerative disorders. Stephen Hawkins had such a disorder and he couldn’t breathe or feed himself on his own, either. Perhaps the British government saw that to keep Hawkins alive was too expensive and it does not want other expensive similar cases burdening its system.

But if the Vatican hospital offered free assistance, why not accept it? Individuals and nations should be always open to generosity: to offer it or receive it.

So if the British socialist medicine cannot help a baby, why hinder him from receiving necessary medicine from other generous sources? British pride? This is British stupidity.

Days ago the British launched airstrikes on Syria over an alleged case of children being gassed by the Syrian government. All the Syrian Christian leaders — Catholic, Orthodox and evangelical — said that the charges were “fabricated” and “without legal justification.” Even so, the British, under Theresa May, attacked.

Christian leaders opposed May’s foolish act.

Should other nations launch airstrikes on the British government over its mistreatment of a defenseless baby?

Where there was no solid evidence of children being gassed by the Syrian government, May attacked. Where is solid evidence of the mistreatment of a baby — in a British hospital —, May has not acted.

Even so, Christian leaders are asking the British government to show mercy.

Theresa May is a powerful politician in the United Kingdom. As the current Prime Minister, she can exert her formidable power to help. Certainly, a woman who can order airstrikes on the Syrian government (attacks that displeased Christians, but pleased Islamic terrorists) can do a very small thing as letting Alfie to be treated in the Vatican hospital.

May is also the leader of the Conservative Party since 2016. A conservative should always behave better than socialists. Yet, she has not been compassionate to children.

May’s appointment as Minister for Women and Equality 20 years ago was criticized by the homosexual movement, because she had voted against lowering the age of consent in 1998 and for some restrictions for homosexuals to adopt children in 2002.

Yet, when she had voted in favor of civil partnerships for homosexuals, her mind was open to much more. May later stated, during an appearance on the BBC’s Question Time in 2010, that she had “changed her mind” on homosexuals adopting children — not more worrying about children’s well-being, but only about the well-being of the gay agenda.

Writing for PinkNews in June 2010, May clarified her proposals for improving LGBT rights including measures to tackle “homophobia” in sport, advocating British society’s need for “cultural change.” Much before his appointment as Prime Minister, May had already become a conservative leader in the service of the gay agenda, which is essentially against children.

If she can protect the homosexual agenda that hurts children, why worry about Alfie?

If May cannot accept the generous assistance of the Vatican because of an alleged British national pride, why, for the sake of this same pride, does not she punish Islamic immigrants who rape thousands and thousands of British girls? Cannot she use the alleged British national pride to protect British girls from Islamic rapists? Probably, she cannot, because the United Kingdom has long ago forgotten what real national pride is.

Besides, abortion is legal in the United Kingdom. No nation with legal abortion has real concern for children.

Sorry, conservative fellas, but with conservatives as Theresa May in charge of a government, I prefer to side with “communist” Pope Francis regarding compassion to Alfie.

Christian charity from a “communist” pope is better than socialized medicine under a pro-sodomy conservative leader.

With information from CNN, CBN and Wikipedia.

Portuguese version of this article: Crueldade estatal britânica para crianças e uma primeira-ministra conservadora polêmica que pode impedi-la, mas não o faz

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