British Parliament Goes After Facebook on Privacy & Fake News

Mark Zuckerberg, a co-founder and now tyrant dictator of Facebook, believes that his massive wealth places him and his social media child above the law in every nation.

Over the past decade, Zuckerberg’s far left socialism has been revealed by the way Facebook has intentionally conspired against Christians and political conservatives, plus using it for his leftist fake news, and their invasion of privacy or sharing user data.  

Perhaps, Zuckerberg’s sovereign reign may be on the edge of teetering as governments begin to take action against Facebook.

Currently, the British DCMS Select Committee seems about to give Zuckerberg and Facebook more than a slap on the hand.

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BBC News – MPs give Big Tech a hammering over privacy and fake news – In scope, ambition, likely impact and news value – that is, what it has brought to light – the DCMS Select Committee report on fake news and disinformation is a significant moment.

Indeed, when the history of regulation of the technology sector in Britain is written some day, its unlikely path to the top of the best-seller list will owe a substantial debt to the work of this cross-party group of MPs.

Perhaps the strongest line to emerge is the claim that Facebook “intentionally and knowingly violated both data privacy and anti-competition laws”.

This is a striking thing to allege, and creates the potential for strong legal sanction. Of course, Facebook will resist such allegations with customary vigour.

In this blog, I will analyse some of the key areas on which the select committee has reported.

Facebook violations

Select committee sessions used to be more genteel affairs, with civility and good manners to the fore…

Germany has taken action against Facebook and some other European nations are also looking into Facebook’s violations of the privacy of users in their countries.

Some members of Congress here in the US have also promised to look into Facebook’s unconstitutional censorship and other policies.

Since Democrats took control of the House last month, it’s doubtful that Congress will do anything to Facebook.

However, the more people complain to their members of Congress about Facebook’s illegal and unconstitutional actions, Congress may be forced to take action, so keep complaining.



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