British Media Questions Democrats’ B-Team – Beto, Biden and Bernie

Do Democrats have an A-Team to put up against President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential campaign?

According to the British-based The Guardian, they question what they refer to as the Democrats B-Team, consisting of Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Is this B-Team the Democrats’ current A-Team, which seems to be what some polls are indicating.

Let’s see – Beto supports giving all non-citizens the right to vote.

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Joe Biden is unable to make a decision as to whether or not he will run in 2020.

Bernie Sanders is the ancient socialist who wants to instantly transform America into a Venezuela.

The Guardian – The B-Team: are Beto, Biden and Bernie the best Democrats can offer? – The party is diverse but it has a problem – beating Trump – and it may be that a straight white man is best placed to help.

It was the kind of welcome of which some presidential candidates, campaigning for months, might have been jealous.

Well before the former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke arrived wearing a green Plymouth State University baseball cap, students and local Democrats had filled the large atrium where he was due to speak.

The town hall event was on a Wednesday morning, a time when students have classes and other people have work, potentially a recipe for sparse audiences here in the lightly populated foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains…

At first I see this Democrat B-Team of presidential candidates as being weak, unappealing and more comic than being a serious danger.

However, knowing that every year, a growing number of young socialist-indoctrinated young people become of legal age to vote.

That makes all three members of B-Team and the rest of the Democrats who have announced their campaigns, equally dangerous.

If any of them win the White House, it will most likely be the final death knell for America or be the impetus for another civil war, only instead of the North versus the South, it will be conservative versus liberal – family against family, neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend.

America survived the first Civil War, but many doubt the America we knew and loved will be able to survive the second civil war.



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