British False Flags: Theresa May Expels Russian Diplomats, Not Islamic Rapists

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In a report titled “UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning,” CNN said,

“The UK will expel 23 Russian diplomats from the country after concluding that the Russian state is responsible for the attempted murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil, a step that marks a serious escalation of hostilities between London and Moscow.”

The British media has praised Prime Minister Theresa May for her diplomatic punishment of Russia. It is very interesting that the left-wing press, including CNN, has sided with the U.K and opposed Russia.

The CNN report, which is hostile to Russia and favorable to U.K., added a statement by May, who said,

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“For those who seek to do us harm, my message is simple. You are not welcome here.”

Who else is not welcome in U.K.?

This week, May’s conservative government banned from U.K. a conservative journalist for criticism of Islam. See the Daily Mail report “Right-wing journalist Lauren Southern denied entry to UK, purportedly over criticism of Islam.”

Why are critics of Islam denied entry to U.K.? Why are not they welcome?

Currently, little British girls are suffering an epidemic of rapes by Muslim immigrants, and Theresa May and her supposedly conservative government are able to do… nothing to protect them. See the Gatestone Institute’s report “British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on ‘Industrial Scale.’”

Are rapists of British girls welcome in U.K.? So why does not May expel them?

By orientation of May’s “conservative” government, Facebook banned Britain First pages and the profiles of all its leaders, because they are critical of Islam. See the WND report “Facebook bans Britain First pages.”

Months ago, Trump shared a video of Britain First about Islamic violence. Now, Britain First has been banned, because the priority of Theresa May and her “conservative” government is cowardice and submission to Islam.

There are vastly bigger problems in U.K. than a Russian spy being supposedly attacked by the nation that trained him.

The attack on the spy was too brazen, too obvious, and U.K. has proved that they are capable of using false flags and protecting real criminals, including Islamic rapists.

Does U.K. ignore false flags tactics?

A large false flag attack may have occurred in World War II. The US did not want to go to war to help England. Then the British secret service detonated a bomb in New York, simulating a Nazi terrorist attack. That was enough for the US to dispatch, for free, many armaments to England. See the Daily Mail report “Did the British plant a bomb at the 1940 World’s Fair to kill two NYPD officers and bring the U.S. into World War II? The unsolved case of how the real-life James Bond was dispatched to New York City by Churchill to beat the Germans at any cost.”

Even if the attack on a Russian spy was really Russian, Trump recognized last year that in the same way Russians kill people, Americans also do. Obviously, he meant that CIA and other intelligence agencies know how to exterminate real and perceived enemies. The Daily Mail report said, “You think our country is so innocent?”: Trump doubles down on “respect” for Putin and says “US has a lot of killers” when told Russian president is “a killer” for murdering journalists.

Is this not true also regarding U.K.? Do not British intelligence agencies also exterminate real and perceived enemies?

In fact, the Israel newspaper Ynet ran an interesting headline: “Russian lawmaker: US had access to nerve agent.” If this is true, both U.K. and U.S. intelligence agencies could have made a false flag attempted murder of the former Russian spy.

In the past, I could believe U.K., even without knowing about its alleged false flag attack in New York.

Now, under Muslim domination (with London occupied by a Muslim mayor), and U.K. protecting Muslims and silencing critics of Islam and not protecting thousands of little British girls whom Muslim rapists call “white trash,” is U.K. credible yet?

I do not think so.

There is a toxic Muslim domination in U.K., and Theresa May is unable to see it.

I cannot send this comment to British newspapers that attack Russia, because my comment contains criticism of Islam and it will be automatically banned. The largest U.K. newspaper, Daily Mail, has systematically banned all my comments critical of Islam. Yet, if I criticize Christians, the Daily Mail is very likely to approve my comments!

A toxic Muslim domination is reality in London, in raped British girls and in Theresa May’s cowardice. I am not even allowed to mention in Daily Mail about such Islamic rapes, because cowardly U.K. does not recognize the suffering of its little girls. For U.K., respect for violent Islam is more important than protecting its little girls.

In the case of Muslims, it is not necessary to use false flags to indicate that they are violent and rapists. Muslims are more violent than all the false flags that U.K. has ever used. British victims of rape are witnesses of its violence.

So, instead of attacking Russia, with false flags or not, why does not Theresa May attack Muslims who are raping British girls and punish the British media that censor and banish conservative content exposing Islamic violence and rapes?

Why cannot May say to Islamic rapists “For those who seek to do harm to our daughters, my message is simple. You are not welcome here”?

Cannot she also expel diplomats from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations that arm and fund ISIS, al-Qaida and other terror groups that rape and slaughter Christians?

Portuguese version of this article: Bandeiras falsas inglesas, de novo? Theresa May expulsa diplomatas russos, mas não estupradores islâmicos

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