Brexit: Voters Tell Effete UK Leftists ‘GET STUFFED!’

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By Mark Alley

Brexit passed, the UK is now out of the EU.

And with that, all little UK Leftists pulled a verbal one of these:


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“Oh my,” UK Leftists bemoaned, “it’s all because of a little immigration and fueled by uneducated, unwashed morons.”

Yes, the UK pundits on media actually said that. Those who voted for Brexit were uneducated clods, unable to see the finer, positive points of remaining in the EU — like having to continuously relinquish power to Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels, you see, knows infinitely better how to govern and rule the UK than the UK does.

Warning to Hillary Clinton and other Leftists: do you know what this vote was really about?

I suspect you don’t, because your UK punditry (and our American Media Maggots) is weighing in with “the economy” and such. They couldn’t be more wrong. It’s something much more fundamental that is aching in the breasts of those who voted Brexit.

It’s about their country. It’s about their culture. It’s about their sovereignty and their freedoms surrendered forcefully in absentia.

But why now, after 43 years in the EU?

Easy. Because of having to watch their country, by external forces, collapse due to Muslim flooding. Those basic, foundational, good country-men and -women were tired of seeing their country, their land, their jobs, their communities, attacked by hordes of immigrants provided with more deference and consideration than they were — and rendered unrecognizable.


Leftists have taken a serious blow to the chin and, make no mistake, it’s going to hurt. The world will feel a bit of pain. But most — clearly — in the UK have had enough, being forced to pay for their unmotivated and parasitical brothers like Greece and Spain who have sucked enough from the system only to give little if anything back. Mandated to have their mouths held open and spoon-fed steaming heaps of manure by the ruling elite in London and elsewhere took its toll. Good people watched their country disintegrating right under their very noses, and watched as Islam began to take over.

Not unlike those same forces at work in the US.

Warning for France and Germany and other UK members, as well as Hillary Clinton: your time is short.

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