Brexit and May Defeated Again

Many may not realize, but the roots of the European Union stretch further than thought, going back to 1961.

The concept of some kind of European commonwealth organization was pushed to help avoid political and financial isolation of some of the European countries.

In 1969, negotiations were opened between Great Britain and the European Economic Community and became a member on January 1, 1973.

It wasn’t until more recent times when the European Union (new name) took on some of the same socialist ideologies as the United Nations.

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This prompted some politicians in Great Britain to push to leave the EU and reclaim their own identity and sovereignty.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has led the effort to leave the EU, and at first she had the support to do so, but as the exit date is drawn closer, the influx of liberals and socialists in Parliament has effectively killed May’s Brexit plan.

Bloomberg – British Politics Enters the Meltdown Phase – Theresa May’s Brexit deal is dead. Now what? – Theresa May promised lawmakers as many as three votes on Brexit this week, but it was the first that counted most. On Tuesday, MPs used it to deliver a second defeat to her Brexit agreement.

The margin was narrower this time: The government lost by 230 votes in January and by 149 the second time. But no still means no. The result makes an extension of the negotiations almost inevitable, puts into question May’s future as prime minister, and makes it more likely that the course of Brexit will need to be decided, one way or another, by the public.

There are now two more votes: Lawmakers will vote Wednesday on whether to exit the EU with no deal at all. If that too is rejected, as expected, they will vote on whether the government should seek to delay the March 29 exit date…

The failure of May’s Brexit plan is most likely the end of her Prime Minister career.

My friends in Great Britain tell me that they and most of their friends all support leaving the EU.

They say that the EU has been steadily stripping Great Britain of their identity, something that is seen as offensive and dangerous to many loyal British.

They also tell me that the liberals, socialists and Muslims are destroying Great Britain and they warn me that they will destroy the US also, if we let them.



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