Breitbart’s 2018 Fake News Awards

There is a common phrase that dates back over 350 years, which states ‘fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.’

A number of mainstream media outlets have been busy over the past few years trying to fool as many people as they can.

As many times as they have been caught reporting fake news and then continue to do so, the shame is clearly on those who continue to believe their lies.

In honor of the many continued attempts to pawn off fake news, Breitbart has announced their year-end fake news awards and you’ll never guess who gets the most of those awards.

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Breitbart – Nolte: The 2018 Breitbart News Fake News Awards – Writing this was easy. Compiling it was a muthah.

Until you actually take the time to research the amount of lies and lies and lies the establishment media deliberately spread, you can’t begin to fathom just how bad things are. By the time I was done going through the entire year, I literally, no joke, had 11 pages of headlines to choose from for these awards.

Remember the good old days when “bias” was the media’s biggest problem?

Well, as you will see below, today’s media are full-blown gangsters — liars, extortionists, and champions of violence.

Here’s 2017’s list of winners.

Onward to 2018…

Hot Taker Whose Idiotic Hot Takes Hot Taked Him Into a Jackass the Left and Right Laugh at in Unison


CNN’s Chris Cillizza

CNN’s Chris Cillizza

Runner up: CNN’s Chris Cillizza

If you read through the entire list, you may chuckle at some of the categories and the recipients of those categories.

I was surprised to see Fox News in 3 categories, one of which took a direct shot at Judge Andrew Napolitano and his legal analysis.

They also list Fox News as the Democrats’ most vital ally for the 2018 midterm elections.

While many of Breitbart’s awards are well deserved, I do not think they all are and chances are, you won’t either.



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