BREAKING: Ryan Supports Homosexual Civil Rights

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Is this a trick? It’s certainly not a treat. America may be handed a Speaker who will open the door for the “gay” lobby to achieve its fondest dream, even beyond marriage.

It is highly likely prospective House Speaker Paul Ryan would support the homosexual “civil rights” bill, H.R. 3185, because he cast a vote for its younger sister, ENDA, in 2007.

And he apparently thinks people are born homosexual because he has “gay” friends.

Such appalling ignorance or blindness is completely unacceptable in the leader of the House of Representatives. Here’s what one article said about his support for homosexuality:

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… he has occasionally broken with his party by taking more centrist stands on foreign policy and some social issues. In 2007, he supported the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, banning workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians and said he has gay friends. ‘They didn’t roll out of bed one morning and choose to be gay. That’s who they are,’ he said, acknowledging he ‘took a lot of grief’ for the ENDA vote from members of his own party, so much so that he ‘stopped worrying about it.’ He says his attitude towards gays is a ‘generational thing’ — less important to him than to older people, perhaps, and he is willing to go along with whatever the generals propose regarding gays in the military.

So if there’s a push for transvestites in the military, will Ryan back that, too? And label the opposition as irrelevant “older people”?

Let’s just think about the specter of a Speaker of the House who supports the current horrific so-called “Equality Act”, introduced as H.R. 3185 and S. 1858 in July just after the SCOTUS marriage decision.

This legislation is the evil twin to Obergefell, providing the ammunition for “LGBT” tyranny to be enforced. It’s the top priority of the major homosexual groups right now and vaults across any previous anti-discrimination bill to essentially wipe out free speech and religious liberty on the issues of homosexuality and gender change by declaring these behaviors to be civil rights in America.

The “Equality Act” seeks to revise the 1964 Civil Rights Act to add the categories of “sexual orientation,” “gender identity” and “sex,” with sex including even delusions of femininity and masculinity, not limited to actual biology.

Religious freedom restoration acts (RFRAs) are declared to be powerless under this bill. Other religious exemptions for churches and faith-based schools are very weak and sure to be challenged as the gaystapo deploys armies of lawyers to undermine the Constitution. Under this act, the 14th Amendment “equal protection” clause can justify investigations by the U.S. Attorney General of suspected violations.

The House bill has 170 co-sponsors, with 39 in the Senate. All so far are Democrats and independents. Microsoft, Apple, Google and other corporations have pledged support for this anti-Christian, anti-American bill, so Republicans may start taking heat from Wall Street to back this unconstitutional power grab.

This measure covers not just employment, but housing, public accommodations and education. Parents, that means public schools.

Those local “bathroom” questions in Houston and in schools like Gloucester County (VA), along with local controversies about school homosexual clubs would be instantly resolved to affirm sexual deviancy, because all bathrooms, locker rooms and “sex-segregated facilities” must be open to anyone based on “gender identity.”

And the Equality Act would open the door to proudly gender-bending people in our armed forces.

Beyond the Speaker selection, we must ask every presidential candidate: “As president, will you pledge to veto the anti-family ‘Equality Act’?” Yes, GOP majorities occupy both chambers of Congress, but that is little comfort, seeing how easily a “conservative” like Gov. Mike Pence in Indiana caved on religious freedom under corporate pressure. And with a Paul Ryan at the helm in the House, there may be added arm-twisting of GOP members to cooperate with the legalization of deviance.

This version may die at the end of the 114th Congress, but it won’t go away. The Human Rights Campaign, the pro-abortion lobby and leftist politicians will bring it back in the 115th, so we need to know where GOP candidates and leaders stand.

If you support religious liberty– or say you do– you cannot support the “Equality Act.” It hands the left a weapon to kill religious liberty and freedom of speech.

The sexual anarchy lobby has a talking point ready for their denial of religious freedom. “Being Christian doesn’t give you the right to discriminate!” Obama regurgitated this unconstitutional idea in a New York speech in September.

Well, thankfully, “LGBT” pressure groups do not dictate Christian doctrine. Our Almighty God has already done that. And the sexual rebellion lobby defines “discrimination” as any opinion they don’t like, even if the view is based on reality.

Homosexuality is not inborn–it’s not like race– and the behavior is harmful to individuals and societies. These identities and attractions do not characterize separate types of “persons” (as the Obergefell majority ruling incorrectly assumed). So they are not defensible under a responsible reading of the 14th Amendment.

As I wrote in a column a few months ago, the left now presumes to tell us what to believe. Christianity is a target to be obliterated or revised with homosexuality no longer a sin, humans no longer distinctly male and female, abortion a “right” for females, and believers painted into a narrow doctrinal corner if we let them do this.

We must not let them do this. This bill should be Priority #1 to defeat this year, next year and as long as it takes. Everyone needs to make it clear to congressional representatives that this fascist attempt to dismantle the First Amendment, to defy parental authority, and to drive Christians out of jobs simply cannot happen.

We need to try in the next few days to urge our reps to vote against Paul Ryan for this reason, among others.

The authority to silence believers that the “Equality Act” would provide Christ’s enemies would leap beyond homosexuality and gender confusion. It’s tyranny and only we the people rising up and saying NO will stop this.

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