BREAKING: Fed Appeals Court Delivers ‘Crippling Blow’ to Obamacare

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In what amounts to perhaps the final death blow to the president’s signature Obamacare monstrosity, a federal appeals court has ruled that the Obama Administration illegally implemented a critical element to the government healthcare takeover. If the decision holds, Obamacare could finally be dead once and for all. This is a continuation in the ongoing judicial rebuke of this rogue president.

CNBC’s Dan Mangan reports:

In a potentially crippling blow to Obamacare, a federal appeals court panel declared Tuesday that government subsidies worth billions of dollars that helped 4.7 million people buy insurance on are illegal.

The 2-1 ruling said such subsidies can be granted only to people who bought insurance in an Obamacare exchange run by an individual state or the District of Columbia—not on the federally run exchange

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“Section 36B plainly makes subsidies available in the Exchanges established by states,” wrote Senior Circuit Judge Raymond Randolph in his majority opinion, where he was joined by Judge Thomas Griffith.

“We reach this conclusion, frankly, with reluctance. At least until states that wish to can set up their own Exchanges, our ruling will likely have significant consequences both for millions of individuals receiving tax credits through federal Exchanges and for health insurance markets more broadly.”

In his dissent, Judge Harry Edwards, who called the case a “not-so-veiled attempt to gut” Obamacare, wrote that the judgment of the majority “portends disastrous consequences.”

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