Brazilian Nightmare: World Cup, Spanking and Abortion

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For foreigners coming to Brazil for the World Cup, this mega-football event often spells “sex tourism.” But for Brazilians, it’s the old Roman appeasement politics of “bread and circuses.” Give football to Brazilians and they will forget their social and moral woes — at least for a while.

The special reason the Brazilian government under socialist President Dilma Rousseff has staged the World Cup is for Brazilians to overlook the consequences of her ill-fated politics and planned woes.

In the recent few days, with Brazil under the spell of the World Cup, Brazilian hospitals had been put under an order to make abortions easy. Under a new abortion law approved immediately after the Pope’s visit last year, women can require medical abortion by merely alleging rape — with no need of medical or police evidence.

The order was revoked by heavy pressure of Catholic groups and the Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus.

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Yet, other planned woes have received no such attention. For more than one decade, socialists in Brazil have been working hard to ban parental spanking.

Their efforts were successful in the Brazilian House of Representatives just days ago. Now, it just needs to be approved in the Brazilian Senate. The problem is: in the House of Representatives there was a better chance to defeat it, because most of the pro-life politicians are there. The Senate has few of them.

The strategy to get it approved in the House was to make a scandalous appeal, by comparing parental spanking to child killing. This is interesting, because the Brazilian government and socialist politicians endorse child killing — through legal abortion. But if you say that abortion is murder, they will answer that you are making a “scandalous appeal!”

Murder is murder. Abortion is murder of children, but socialists reject such comparison. Parental spanking is not murder, but socialists keep making such comparison.

Maria do Rosário, the main anti-spanking activist, had been a “human rights” secretary in the Rousseff administration, but she remained in office only until her flaunting stance last year, by declaring that the “murder” of a young homosexual was a “homophobic” crime. She inflamed it into a national scandal, calling for harsh laws against “homophobic” people, pressuring law-enforcement agencies to prioritize crimes against homosexuals, etc. She left the office after it was found that the young homosexual had not been been murdered. He had committed suicide after his male lover rejected him.

Yet, the case against parental spanking was successful. Rosário and other socialists said that child killing is provoked by parental spanking, and the Brazilian media repeated the mantra to all Brazilians. The victory came after a Brazilian boy was murdered by his father and stepmother, and the socialist chorus began: “Parental spanking amounts to murder.”

The Congressional hearing had other scandalous appeals. Xuxa — a Brazilian television presenter, film actress, singer and businesswoman — was invited to back the anti-spanking bill. What does Xuxa have to teach Brazilian parents? In fact, why is she so engaged in a bill aimed at seizing parental rights and destroying their decisions over their children?

Xuxa has no acceptable parental example. By choice, she has never been married, but she has been a lover of several men. She has only a daughter and for this pregnancy, she chose a man just for her to have a child. Nothing else. By her choice, her daughter was brought up without her father.

In 1982, as a 19-year-old, Xuxa appeared in the Brazilian movie “Amor Estranho Amor” (Love Strange Love). Her role was to seduce a 12-year-old boy. The scene contained eroticism and pedophilia: a nude young woman with a nude boy in bed.

Xuxa has never served time in prison for her pedophilic act. On the contrary, in the 1980s her nude body was the cover picture in the Brazilian Playboy magazine.

Parents who murder their children should be punished. People who encourage pedophilia through movies should be punished. Parents who spank their children, with a rod or a slap, should not be treated as criminals, especially under the bad example of a woman with no moral guidance and parental example.

The Brazilian tragedy is that since Brazil became a signatory of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990, there is no legal punishment for criminals under 18 years old. Minors can beat and murder their parents, and there will be no jail or sentence. Just special rehabilitation. Law-enforcement agents are prohibited from treating as criminals minors who rape, assault and murder.

Days ago a Brazilian man, who is an Assembly of God minister today, told me that he was an city official supervising troubled minors in Brazil. He told that it was a nightmare, because they dealt with 15, 16 and 17-year-olds who raped and murdered, but legally they were unpunishable. Their state rehabilitation was a failure. The minister told me that less than 4% had some improvement. Today he lives in America, where he told me he has seen criminals treated as criminals, regardless their age.

I also prefer the U.S. system, because, where conservatism is predominant, it is less barbaric than the legal system in Brazil. Anther Brazilian friend of mine, who is a Presbyterian minister in Texas, told me that when he was going to spank his son, he said, “If you spank me, I will denounce you to the police!” In Brazil, this is enough to make a parent frightened. But the wise father himself called and police came. After hearing the boy and the father, the policeman just instructed the father on the better ways to use a slipper or belt to punish the boy. Needless to say, the boy never again wanted police involved.

Thank God, this was Texas, not Brazil! Texas, which is more conservative than other more liberal U.S. states where parents also face risks, is a place I would definitely choose to live, if they intend to keep pursuing a social life free from UN insanities!

In contrast, the Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus (EPC), which is a pro-life force in the Brazilian Congress, has made a repulsive deal with the government and its socialist supporters to have the anti-spanking bill passed. Many of the members of the EPC are socialists too. The Catholic Church in Brazil, for many years backing socialist measures in Brazil, has made no opposition to the government efforts to confiscate parental rights over the spanking issue.

This is the Brazilian nightmare: children and teens who assault, rape and murder are legally unpunishable.

This is the Brazilian nightmare: parents who spank, with a rod or a slap, to try to hinder their children and teens from becoming criminals who assault, rape and murder, will be legally punishable, and they will be treated as criminals and child killers, while the real child killers (abortionists) will be legally unpunishable.

There is no epidemic of children murdered by parents in Brazil. But there is an epidemic of children and teens raping, assaulting and murdering. As ever, unpunishable.

Psychopathic socialists and their laws in Brazil essentially say: “Do not spank your children to hinder them from becoming criminals. Abort them! We allow you to abort them, but not to discipline them, ok?”

Try to homeschool your children in Brazil, and the government will ferociously go after you. Spank them, and there will be no state pardon. But make their criminal ways easy, and you will be left alone.

Visit São Paulo and other big city in Brazil and you will see a sad picture: an 8-year-old girl or boy begging in the streets, day or night, while the Brazilian government is very busy chasing spanking parents.

The World Cup helps Brazilians forget momentarily their social nightmare.

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