Brazilian Minister of Education Abraham Weintraub and His Right-Wing Socialism or Right-Wing Statism

The new Brazilian Education Minister Abraham Weintraub has promised that in the Bolsonaro administration there will be many more daycares than in the former administrations of socialists Luiz Inácio “Lula” and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil.

He said: “Our government plan seeks basic education as a priority and this is what we are going to follow. More daycares and more schooled children.”

The concept of daycare — to move the child away from the mother as early as possible — is a concept embraced, defended and widely practiced in socialism.

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When I heard Lula and Rousseff talking about expanding the number of daycares — to keep children away from their mothers — I sought to warn. With Lula and Rousseff, Brazil had a great and horrific increase in the number of daycares.

However, I expected from a supposedly right-wing government that there would be incentives for mothers to stay with their children at home to care for and educate them. So it was a complete surprise to read that Weintraub intends to increase even more what Lula and Rousseff had already increased.

In the Lula and Rousseff administrations, increasing the number of daycares represented the implementation of a socialist ideal. For Weintraub and the Bolsonaro administration, who think themselves as right-wingers, increasing daycares means what? Right-wing socialism? Right-wing statism? Not to mention that all kinds of abuse, including sexual, happen in daycares.

I voted for Bolsonaro, for example, to eliminate Lula’s law that forces 4-year-olds to attend school. In making this law, Lula announced that he was using Communist China’s model. But neither Weintraub nor the Bolsonaro administration have said they will eliminate this communist law.

In the case of Weintraub, it is an even more problematic issue because he has been presented by the media as a man who detests socialism. He said: “Socialist is AIDS; and communist is the opportunist disease.”

For a man who hates socialism, any effort to further alienate children from their mothers would be seen as “AIDS or opportunistic disease.”

The genuine right-winger against socialism would do exactly the opposite from a socialist: Implement initiatives to bring and solidify contact between children and parents.

American writer Mary Pride, who is a leader in the homeschooling movement in the United States, quoted Plato, in presenting the ideal socialist society, as saying:

“In the ideal city… there is no domestic role such as that of the traditional housewife. Since planned breeding and COMMUNAL CHILD REARING minimize the unpredictability of pregnancy and the time demanded of mothers, maternity is no longer anything approaching a full-time occupation. Thus, women can no longer be defined in their traditional roles.” (Pride, Mary. The Way Home Home Life, Inc.)

The International Planned Parenthood Federation, which is the world’s largest abortion organization and supported by the UN, proposed the following strategies to reduce the size of the world’s population and for couples to have fewer children: Increased homosexuality; establishment of daycares; laws pushing women into the workforce.

All of this is socialism. For over 30 years I have been able to identify these and other socialist strategies because I have had an excellent conservative background. I read American evangelical conservative books (in defense of homeschooling, the Bible, Reagan and against communism) since the 1980s.

Why then did Abraham Weintraub fail to identify that increasing the number of daycares means increasing the power of socialism? What is his background? The Intercept classifies Weintraub as “a disciple of Olavo de Carvalho.” This training seems to have given him little insight into how to identify socialism in practice.

In fact, he was not appointed Minister of Education for having experience in this area, but because he is a disciple of Carvalho and because President Jair Bolsonaro, for whom I voted, chose Carvalho as his personal Rasputin. Following Rasputin has brought some government disasters. Firstly, by indication of Carvalho, Bolsonaro informed last November that he would appoint Ricardo Vélez as minister of Education.

At the time, I warned that Vélez had strange views, including that he was against Trump and supported Hillary Clinton. Vélez filled the Ministry of Education with confusions and chaos, especially after hiring Rasputin supporters. The consequence was that Velez lasted only three months in office. He was fired for incompetence.

Bolsonaro seems to have learned nothing from this disaster. Now he has appointed an anti-communist who loves communist daycares. It is a chaotic contradiction.

Bolsonaro loves Carvalho and his adherents. Bolsonaro’s Foreign Minister, also a disciple of Carvalho, is an adherent of the Islamic occultist René Guénon and his most important disciple, Julius Evola, whose ideas inspired Nazism and fascism. Carvalho and Steve Bannon, who are allies, are also adherents of Guénon.

Bolsonaro’s reasoning seems to be: If an adherent of Carvalho in the Ministry of Education caused disasters, bring another of his adherents to try everything again.

And Weintraub’s reasoning seems to be: If socialists Lula and Rousseff made socialist daycares to indoctrinate children in socialism, I will do more right-wing socialist daycares to indoctrinate children in right-wing socialism.

Portuguese version of this article: Ministro da Educação Abraham Weintraub e seu socialismo de direita ou estatismo de direita

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