Border Wall 1 Time Cost $25 Billion versus Illegal Aliens Annual Cost of $165 Billion

Some Democrats have tried to use the argument that the US cannot afford to fund the $5.9 billion that President Donald Trump is demanding for building the border wall.

Yet, at the same time, they continue to throw taxpayer money at protecting foreign countries, many of which hate America and would see us collapse or be defeated.

They also throw away our tax dollars on murdering innocent unborn babies and numerous pet projects and ridiculous research projects.

If they want to argue dollars, then how about comparing a one time cost of $25 billion to build the entire border wall versus an annual cost of $165 billion that it costs US taxpayers for the illegal aliens already in the United States?

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American Greatness – Do the Math: Trump’s Wall Is $25 Billion, Illegals Cost $165 Billion – Scott Adams, the creator of the popular cartoon “Dilbert,” transformed himself into a persona non grata in 2016 by exposing how Donald Trump manipulated the media by using sophisticated persuasion techniques. History proved Adams was correct and Trump won the election. As it turns out, Trump was not the bumbling blowhard of CNN’s fever dreams. He was a marketing mastermind whose words went far beyond “resonating” with ordinary Americans—they stuck. Epithets like crookedlyin’, and low-energy were not just insults, they were silver bullets spoken by a silver tongue. Hillary, Ted, and Jeb didn’t know what hit ’em.

Two years on and Trump’s word-wizardry is as potent as ever—Pocahontas‘s racial fraud is now common knowledge, and Trump’s little rocket man jab arguably set the stage for North Korea’s denuclearization summit. At this point, Trump’s language is indistinguishable from political magic. For example, Trump’s push for “the wall” has turned ardent socialists into laissez-faire economists on the issue of illegal immigration—who cares if migration hurts America’s most vulnerable? We need aliens to grow the economy!

This flip-flop has made it clear to ordinary Americans: the Democratic Party cares more about illegal aliens than it does the common citizen…

There is also a cost of illegal aliens that cannot be measured in terms of money.

The cost of human lives killed at the hands of illegal aliens and those whose lives have been shattered forever from being victimized, sexually, physically and emotionally by illegal aliens.

You can’t put a price on life, just ask the father of Kathryn Steinle and the hundreds of other parents, spouses or children left behind after the brutality of illegal aliens have robbed them of their loved ones.



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