Border Patrol Plagued with Sick Illegal Aliens

Thanks to the Obama administration and other prior administrations, doctors, urgent care centers and hospitals are required to render medical aid and treatment to illegal aliens without the illegals being required to pay for said care.

So, what alternative do Border Patrol agents have but to transport any and all illegal aliens they apprehend to the nearest medical facility if they exhibit any signs of illness or injury?

Since October 1, 2018, Border Patrol agents have used around 20,000 manhours doing just that, taking illegal aliens to a from hospitals or other medical facilities.

Guess who is paying for their FREE medical care along with the 20,000 manhours spent in transporting them?

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Washington Examiner – Border Patrol struggles with flood of sick migrants – Border Patrol agents have spent nearly 20,000 hours since October driving asylum seekers to and from hospitals for medical evaluations, according to newly released Department of Homeland Security data.

Since Oct. 1, 2018, the Border Patrol, which works in rural areas between border crossings, has “seen an increase in the numbers of apprehended individuals requiring medical assistance.”

A total of 2,224 migrants, primarily from Guatemala and Honduras, have been hospitalized due to health issues that could not be treated on site in the last month alone, according to a CBP statement.

The department said the spike in illnesses among migrants is forcing federal law enforcement to spend less time focused on serious threats because they are facilitating hospital and urgent care trips. It’s also affecting communities that are trying to help with medical emergencies but are severely short-staffed.

For example, Hidalgo County, located in the southernmost part of New Mexico, is comprised of fewer than 5,000 residents. The average resident makes $32,000 a year, and the low incomes mean the county has less money to use. Its general budget is just $1.7 million…

Remember recently when I reported that illegal aliens cost US taxpayers about $165 billion a year?

A large chunk of that, YOUR tax dollars, is what is paying for the free medical care given to these illegal aliens.

Most reports say there are about 141 million taxpayers, which means that each taxpayer is paying about $1,170 a YEAR to take care of illegal aliens (medical, legal, education, welfare, etc.).

How much do you have to spend on medical care?




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