Border Patrol Chief Tells Congress Border Crisis Does Exist

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump spoke out about there being a crisis on our southern border and our border security.

Democrats and the sewagestream media responded by hysterically calling Trump a hater, racist, bigot and more.

However, many conservatives voted for Trump because he was the only one to have the guts to speak the truth about what was happening on the border.

After Senate Republicans failed to pass a spending bill in December that contained the funding for a border wall, resulting in the government shutdown and then after Democrats refused to fund the wall, President Trump declared a national emergency to fund the building of the border wall.

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Democrats have been denying that a crisis exists at the border, but they were told it definitely does exist by the current chief of Border Patrol.

The National Sentinel – U.S. Border Patrol chief to Congress: ‘Humanitarian AND security crisis’ exists along U.S. border (Video) – On a day when most of the country was focused on the then-upcoming Michael Cohen circus in Washington, D.C., and President Donald Trump’s high-profile second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, U.S. Border Patrol Chief  Carla Provost was detailing the threats along the U.S.-Mexico border in support of a national emergency declaration.

“There is an ongoing debate as to whether this constitutes a border security crisis or a humanitarian crisis. Let me be clear, it is both,” Provost told the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

The Border Patrol leader’s assessment runs counter to allegations made by Democrats and even some Republican critics of the president’s national emergency declaration, which remains in limbo as several states have filed suit to stop it and the Democrat-controlled House has passed legislation to revoke it…

I’ve written about it before but I have contacts who live along and near the border and they share horror stories of what they live with on a daily basis due to an unprotected border.

They have been threatened at gun point, had cars and other equipment and supplies stolen, horses stolen, cattle rustled and more.

Since the time of Obama, many have invited him and other top Democrats to come to the border and talk to them, but none have accepted the invitations.

They claim there is no reason to visit the border since they refuse to acknowledge a problem exits.

After all, it’s more important for Democrats to steal elections with millions of illegal votes from illegal aliens than to secure the border and keep the American people safer.



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