Boo Hoo – Poor ISIS Terrorist Upset Over Losing British Citizenship

We previously reported the news about a former British teen who ran away from home to join ISIS in Syria.

At 15, she became a bride to ISIS terrorists and gave birth to 2 kids, both of whom died of disease.

At 19, she is pregnant with her third ISIS fathered baby and wants to return home to Great Britain to have her baby.

Shamima Begum has not renounced ISIS, but only wants to take advantage of the British healthcare system to have her terrorist baby.

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British authorities stripped Begum of her citizenship and now she is upset and claims it was unfair.

The Epoch Times – ‘Shocked’ ISIS Bride Says Being Stripped of British Citizenship Is ‘Hard to Swallow’ – ISIS bride Shamima Begum has described being stripped of her British citizenship as “unjust” and “hard to swallow” after she was shown documentation of the British government’s decision to rescind her status as a UK citizen.

Nineteen-year-old Begum—who has remained defiant about running away from her London home four years ago to join the jihad—is in a Syrian refugee camp with her newborn son. She has pleaded to be allowed back into the UK as American and other forces have decimated the Islamic terror group’s presence in the region and its so-called caliphate crumbles.

British authorities announced in a Feb. 19 letter that they had moved to revoke her citizenship, effectively banning her from entering the country.

Begum was shown the letter by ITV News Security Editor Rohit Kachroo at the refugee camp where she is currently staying…

I have no sympathy for Begum and believe the British government acted rightly in stripping her of her citizenship.

After all, Begum rejected her country to join an international terrorist organization that is an enemy of Great Britain.

Begum’s betrayal is no different than if a British citizen joined Nazi Germany or Japan during World War II.

When she fled Great Britain to join ISIS, she became a traitor to her country and others need to understand that the same will happen to them if they runaway to join ISIS.



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