Did Bob Costas Just Call Christians ‘Creeps’?

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Call it the sportscaster’s envy. They want to be taken seriously. They desperately want people to think they’ve got something positive to offer humanity other than fascinating insight into the tactics and strategies behind putting a ball in a goal. And just like Hollywood, the sports world finds in the false crusades and social engineering of the progressive left a perfect home for their world-changer pretensions.

And clearly there is nothing they are latching onto more aggressively these days than the radical cultural revolution being attempted by the LGBT fascists. Ridiculously pretending that open rebellion to the sexual morality standards of God is somehow “brave” and “heroic,” these sports reporters (known for being perilously liberal) have been advocating for years to have athletes “come out” as practicing homosexuals.

Of course it’s silly. The attempts to compare the true courage of someone like Jackie Robinson to someone who announces to the rest of the jock world that he is sexually attracted to his male teammates is insulting not just to Robinson but also to a rational intellect. Just look at the four I’s (inborn, involuntary, immutable and innocuous) to see that race and sexual orientation are about as far separated as they can be…not to mention that moving towards racial harmony is moving in the direction of Godliness, while moving towards homosexuality is moving in the opposite direction of Godliness.

But regardless of how foolish it makes them look, the sports world just can’t get enough of it. They take it to the point of lunacy, puffing up washed up players like Jason Collins in the NBA and average (at best) draftee Michael Sam in the NFL. And they say the dumbest things trying to create a story. Check out CNN and ESPN commentator LZ Granderson’s remarks on the subject of Sam kissing his boyfriend on national television following being drafted:

There are a few people, absolutely, who are bothered by the kiss…my point is that we can choose to look at all the people who denounce Michael Sam – denounce the kiss – or we can look at the heroes who have worked tirelessly throughout the decades – being brave enough to come out, and here is this moment and we need to look at and encapsulate in its entirety. Yes, some of the objection is part of the storyline, but we didn’t celebrate the KKK during – you know the March on Washington. We focused on the achievement of the March on Washington. And I think we should be embracing this moment, as well, in the same manner.

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Look at those powerful four words at the end: “in the same manner.” LZ’s point is quite clear. We didn’t mar the history of King’s March on Washington by giving voice to the haters in the KKK. So we shouldn’t mar the history of Michael Sam’s gay push into the NFL by focusing on the people who believe in Scripture. Got it? Those who practice deviant sexual behavior are just like Dr. King (what an insult). Those who believe in the plain words of the Bible are just like the KKK (what an insult).

But Granderson’s not alone, of course. Take the Dean of Sports Reporters, Bob Costas. Obviously anyone that had caught Costas’s Sunday Night Football rants against the 2nd Amendment and the political incorrectness of the Redskins name knew where he would be coming down on the issue. But they might not have known he was going to call Bible believing Christians “cretins.” Here was his exchange with gay activist and NBC reporter Matt Lauer:

COSTAS: Yeah, he should stay away from it (social media) because 1% of the people can make a whole lot of noise on social media. I guess we should stipulate a lot of good things can happen on social media, you can aggregate people for good causes and for awareness. But at the same time, every creep and cretin on the planet can weigh in on every subject and every person, so he ought to stay away from that because it will not reflect how most people feel.

LAUER: The big picture here in terms of the NFL, is this a sea change or is this a one-off? Is this the league moving to the right side of history? Which, by the way, they really can’t do unless more players come forward.

They’ve got it all figured out, don’t they? I guess it’s too late to expect Costas to stick to counting homeruns and strikeouts and Lauer to just keep us informed of when Kim Kardashian goes to the potty, isn’t it? Because consider the epic stupidity behind both of their statements.

Lauer deigns to know what the “right side of history” is – and to make matters worse, his perception of the right side just so happens to be the opposite side of God’s word. No real surprise there, I suppose. But Costas’s remarks took it a step further. He didn’t just suggest that those who hold to Biblical values were on the wrong side of history. No, he called them “creeps” and “cretins.”

To be fair to Bob, he didn’t specifically say that Christians were creeps. But to intimate that anyone who resisted or was repulsed by the acceptance and normalization of homosexual conduct in America was a creep and cretin, he is unquestionably lumping in Christian believers.

But this is where we are certainly headed. If I, or any other social commentator, were to call Michael Sam a “pervert” for kissing another man on national television we would be (as NFL player Don Jones was for simply calling the kiss “horrible”) fined and sent to a reeducation facility.

But calling Christians “creep[s] and cretin[s]” and you can get a Sunday night primetime gig on NBC. Seems about right.

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Pete Heck
Pete Heck lives in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife Jenny, and their three young children. An award-winning public high school teacher, Pete has also authored three books on Christians in our culture. He also hosts a radio program, The Pete Heck Radio Show, and has been heard on over 200 radio stations around the country.

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