Blue State Blues in Oregon

Oregonians made their decision Tuesday, voting for a grim future. By electing Kate Brown governor, Oregonians insure the following for themselves and their children and grandchildren:

>high taxes

>ever-growing government—oppressive, corrupt, wasteful and intrusive

>increased regulatory burdens on businesses

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>continued support for sanctuary cities coupled with a refusal to assist the federal government in solving the illegal immigration crisis

>increased spending on a failed Common Core educational system

>unlimited taxpayer spending on universal abortion on demand including horrific late term procedures, covering abortions for illegal aliens as well

>underage abortion without any parental notification

>gun confiscation based only on accusations affirmed in secret by a judge

>radical environmentalism affirming the theory of man-made global warming

>a far left agenda concerning social issues

Ultimately, these policies will seriously damage the economy, driving people into poverty. They will damage the security posture of the state, and the nation. They will destroy individual liberty by building a citadel to collectivism, central planning and the suspension of God-given rights.

No person of conscience, relying on science and realizing the unborn person is fully human, can sit by as the state of Oregon takes tax dollars to murder babies in the womb. On that issue alone, people of conscience must resist and object.  We are praying and talking about options.  There are only two acceptable options: refuse to pay state taxes, or move to a state where government does not fund murder.  God willing, we will make the right choice.


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