Blacks, Gays & Jews Owe Trump More than to Any Other President

Blue State Democrats continue to claim that they are the only ones who will do anything for black Americans and gay Americans.

Barack Obama promised to help black Americans and yet they were worse off by the time Obama left office than they were when Obama took office.

Some black Americans have realized that Obama lied to them and failed them.

Yet, in two years, Trump has done more for black Americans and gays, as well as Jews, than any president in American history.

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Breitbart – Blue State Blues: Trump Is the Most ‘Progressive’ President Ever for Blacks, Gays, Jews – President Donald Trump has achieved more concrete progress for blacks, gays, and Jews than any other American president.

That claim is sure to be disputed, if not mocked, by those for whom grievance and identity politics are a profession or a psychological crutch.

Yet it remains true — and was thrown into sharp relief this week, as the Jussie Smollett case turned from one of the most horrific attacks in recent memory to the worst hate crime hoax in history.

There are two reasons the media, Hollywood, and the Democratic political elite believed Smollett’s claims.

First, he belongs to several victim categories: black, gay, and even Jewish (albeit via his father), according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency…

Unemployment for black Americans is at an all-time low since records have been kept, meaning that more black Americans are working and supporting their families than ever before.

Since Trump took office, unemployment for Hispanic Americans and women are also at or near record lows, meaning that more them are also working.

Just this week, Trump promised to protect the LGBTQ community, something that is already raising the scorn and displeasure of many of the evangelical Christians who supported Trump at the beginning.

As for Jews, Trump has done more to shore up and secure America’s strongest ally in the Middle East – Israel, especially when he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the ancient city as Israel’s capital.

Trump also has close family that are Jewish.



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