LGBT Activists Convince GOP to Crush Trump’s Christian Nominee for Army Secretary

LGBT radical activists run the nation. And when it demanded the crushing of Donald Trump’s Christian Army secretary nominee, the conservative GOP submitted to it. So as people continue complaining that Trump isn’t conservative enough, everyone else should continue not caring. After all, conservatism is nothing but progressivism.

As soon as Trump nominated Mark Green to be the next U.S. Army secretary, homosexual activists coordinated a nonstop attack on him with the full cooperation of the media. The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other usual suspects were in on the attack. The Hill may have led this particular influence operation. I noticed it published a minimum of five separate attacks on Green.

Meanwhile, I didn’t notice many Republicans or conservatives pushing back against this assault. Indeed, I saw Republicans like John McCain basically support the attack with garbage about Green’s past statements being “very concerning.”

And then there was Green himself. Instead of unapologetically standing up for his beliefs, he issued statements like this:

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“The liberal left has cut and spliced my words about terrorism and ISIS blatantly falsifying what I’ve said,” Green said in a Facebook post Tuesday. “I believe that every American has a right to defend their country regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and religion. It’s the radical left that won’t allow the latter.”

Really? He parrots the progressive line that every “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” has a right to serve?

Green eventually withdrew his nomination. And that says a lot about the conservative party.

Under current Senate rules a nominee only needs 51 votes for confirmation. Republicans control the Senate with 52 senators. Perhaps Trump pressured Green to withdraw. But if he did, why? The only way Green wouldn’t have been confirmed was if GOP senators chose to vote against him. And if I had to guess, someone probably told Trump that this was going to be the case—that the GOP Senate wasn’t going to give Green the necessary votes.

In short, Trump nominated an explicitly Christian man for Army secretary and the conservative party couldn’t get 51 (or even 50) votes for him. In comparison, the GOP-controlled Senate confirmed Obama’s last Army secretary nominee: the openly sodomite Eric Fanning.

Donald Trump is not a conservative and my views differ greatly from his on some fundamental issues. But so what? After all, my views differ greatly—perhaps even more—from conservatives. Conservatism is, after all, progressivism hidden behind a lie. Big Sodomy directing the conservative party to reject a Christian man as the next Army secretary is a reminder of this.

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