BHO, HRC, Bernie and Biden: Failures Pushing Failure Offering More Hope and Change?

You would think that after 150 years of utter failure, socialism (in all its forms) would have been thoroughly rejected by now. You would think after more than 60 years of experiments in socialism in the U.S., Americans would have decided serial failures, bankruptcy and massive deficits are evidence of a dead end.  Given terrible outcomes thanks to socialism forced upon Americans by Obama and the Democrats for the last nine years, most people might say enough is enough.

But no, apparently evidence just doesn’t matter. We are like men on death row. The verdict is in, the sentence has been handed down, all that remains—-the final penalty—-but we are in denial.  The national debt is so monstrous it is economically lethal.  Government spending rages on, feeding the insatiable entitlement monster.  Printing money to stave off the inevitable creates the illusion of well-being, and all that remains—the final penalty:  a combination of monetary collapse, bankruptcy, recession leading to depression, social upheaval.  Debt is killing us.  We stand at $19 Trillion now.  Looking out several years considering all the spending promises made by the feds, we are in debt at least $82 Trillion, and that debt grows by $4 Trillion every year.

Social Security is bankrupt.  Medicare and Medicaid are complete failures, riddled with debt, cost overruns, corruption, fraud and waste, made worse by ObamaCare.   And think of the range of other entitlements run by the feds and the states.   Among giant failed, wasteful bureaucracies: the V.A., Dept. of Education, E.P.A., and many others. Stark failure seems to have no impact on voters’ thinking or politicians’ policies.  Take another lesson from Greece and the entire European Union.

Another example of the enormous failure of government when it conducts socialistic experiments: the Great Society and the War on Poverty brought by President Lyndon Johnson in the mid-60s. All these years later, after spending $22 Trillion on anti-poverty programs, the poverty rate remains unchanged, ranging from 12-15%. (“Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and not the Problem,” by Jay W. Richards, Harper Collins, 2009, page 47.)  Jeb Bush tells us if elected President he will govern like Lyndon Johnson!  (One term, lose a war, ruin the economy, alienate everyone?)

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All this ruin has been brought to us by socialists, the people who insist government must take over and redistribute wealth, manage the economy, micromanage our lives, and provide expensive, low-quality services people increasingly reject. They can call it ‘democratic socialism’ but that is only a way to sell the snake oil, giving voters a role in collective assisted suicide.  The push is for more of the same because politicians would rather dole out more goodies than actually solve problems and address crises. They are focused on re-election not public service.  We are shackled to a tax and spend runaway train. We are incapable of throwing the brakes as we approach the final curve at break-neck speed.

(Picture BHO on the throttle, Bernie shoveling coal, Biden punching government-subsidized tickets, and HRC in the dining car stealing the silver.)

To make matters much worse, socialism/communism tends tyrannical. Socialism/communism demands central control, central planning, and central authority.  It is a system that inevitably dictates to people, sheer totalitarianism.  Government becomes god: the message, ‘cooperate, or die.‘  The mass murder witnessed last century in various places resulting in 100 million people killed: for the most part directly tied to communists/socialists in power.

Socialism/communism is a system completely foreign to our idea of republic: representative government, consent of the governed, decentralized power, shared power, preservation of liberty. It is completely opposed to our ideas about individual rights and the right to own private property.  It is therefore completely anti-American, anti-prosperity and anti-liberty.

In view of all this, it is truly insane for anyone to promote socialism: the promise of continuous failure, a system that enslaves, like mental institutions in the Dark Ages. Picture HRC as Nurse Ratchet, Bernie playing the orderly, Biden as the asylum physician, BHO the warden.


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