Beware Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Hurricane “Sandy”)

Despite graduating cum laude from Boston University with a BA in international relations and a minor in economics, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“Sandy” as she was once called and AOC as she’s called now), is a not a bright woman.

This is not an insult, but a fact. Take a 30-second run through Twitter and you’ll find Tolstoy-sized tomes dedicated to the multiple gaffes she has made thus far in her micro career as a politician, fresh off her bartending tour. It doesn’t matter, though. With a praetorian guard media running interference for her (h/t Mark Levin), she is as protected and unchallenged as a Roman princess.

Of AOC, Lauren Chen, aka Roaming Millennial, said the following:

Don’t get me wrong, critics who take issue with Ocasio-Cortez’s policy positions are right to do so. However, a lot of people find her beliefs and persona so laughable, they refuse to take her seriously as a political figure. That is a huge mistake. Because sure, Ocasio-Cortez may not be able to tell you how she’ll pay for universal healthcare. She may not know much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She may fail to address the current humanitarian crisis in socialist Venezuela. But you know what she can do?

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She can attract the enthusiasm of millennials, a largely untapped voting bloc. She can get millions of people interested in a particular issue just by tweeting about it. She can appear to be fighting the political class, even as she seeks to extend their power. You see, what should make Ocasio-Cortez so terrifying for the right isn’t just her political acumen or her disastrous economic policy proposals, it’s the fact that she is something conservatives, by and large, aren’t.

Basically, Ocasio-Cortez is cool.

The near-constant question of “What do people see in her?” is almost always met with things like that Breakfast Club video of her dancing on the rooftop.

She’s young and cute and, like Obama, she speaks in a bright and airy tone that betrays her communist agenda. Also like Obama, she makes the unaware believe she’s a careful and considerate public servant. The problem is not that she’s ignorant of basic economics and history, her policy prescriptions are straight out of the Communist Manifesto, or her words are never given the scrutiny they deserve. The problem is that her supporters – and even powerful leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris — don’t seem to care.

I don’t agree with Chen on her final point:

Ocasio-Cortez may not be ready to run for President, or even Speaker of the House just yet, but her quick rise to popularity illustrates how far behind the right is when it comes to cultural clout. If the right really wants to do something about this political trend toward socialism, then we need to spend less time complaining about AOC’s dancing, and more time finding candidates who are just as charming as she is.

Other than the person who posted the Breakfast Club video, I don’t know of any prominent person on the right who criticized her for dancing. But seeing how the perception is that the right went crazy as even AOC declared, perhaps it’s now to the point where even criticism of her policy prescriptions gets branded as a personal attack.

How do you ignore her yet take her appeal seriously?

For the moment, this appears to be a lose-lose situation.

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