Bernie Sanders Declares Time to Finish Socialist Revolution in America

Socialism has historically gained popularity and control of countries, by making false promises to the working masses.

They feed the working class a pack of lies about how those they work for are taking advantage of them and care little to nothing about them.

But, under socialism, that won’t happen and instead of a number of different economic classes of people, everyone will be on an equal class scale.

If you listen to today’s socialists in America, namely Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, you will realize they are using the same old lies to ensnare the ignorant masses.

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There is no secret that Bernie Sanders in a flaming socialist, but now is calling for the final stage of the socialist revolution to takeover America to happen NOW!

The National Sentinel –   Bernie Sanders: ‘It’s time to FINISH the socialist revolution’ and ‘defeat President Trump’ –  POTUS Donald Trump made it a point — to huge applause and to many cheers around the country — to pointedly reject socialism during his State of the Union Address by reminding all Americans that our country was “born free and will remain free.”

That didn’t set well with the leading advocates of all-out socialism: The 2020 class of Democratic presidential contenders. As the already-crowded field grows ever larger, the candidates are trying to “out-socialism” each other with wild promises of freebies and ‘green new deals’ that will cost the country tens of trillions of dollars none of the contenders has a clue where they will come from.

One of the biggest, and oldest, advocates is ‘Crazy’ Sen. Bernie Sanders, who — with his three homes and jet-setting lifestyle — has long been one of those awful 1 percenters he so often rails against…

The really scary part of what Sanders is calling for is that more young Americans who were brainwashed by the socialist education system, are reaching voting age.

They are as eager to take the socialist bait as a rat is to bite into the tasty poison bait left out for them.

The end result will be the same.

The rats die from the poison and America dies from the poison contained in the bait offered by socialists like Bernie Sanders.



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