Bernie Sanders Crowds List of Democrats Running for 2020 White House

The next presidential election is still 21 months away and the number of Democrats that have officially announced their candidacy continues to grow.

To date, the list of Democrats is topped with racists, socialists and liars.

I guess these are the key qualifications for running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

After Sen. Kamala Harris announced her intentions, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker have also tossed their hats in the ring.

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Now we are told that Bernie Sanders will mount a second run for the White House, hoping that the socialist popularity of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will help him get elected this time.

Fox News – Who’s running for president in 2020? Growing field of candidates join race for Democratic nod – The 2020 presidential race is starting to heat up, and the Democratic field could get crowded — fast.

Elizabeth WarrenJulian CastroBernie Sanders and a handful of other well-known Democrats and progressives have tossed their hats into the presidential ring, and more popular politicians are likely to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Former Vice President Joe Biden — as predicted — has stayed silent about his plans thus far.

Apparently, Biden’s advisers have floated Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, as a potential running mate, given his recent rise in popularity. Despite losing the Texas Senate race to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, O’Rourke is still considered a “rising star” in his party…

While it is still early, just a couple of months ago, it was reported that about 200 Democrats had expressed interest in running for the White House.

It need to be noted that up until his 2016 presidential run, Bernie Sanders was an Independent, but changed to Democrat in order to have a chance for election.

As soon as he lost his bid to Hillary Clinton, he changed from Democrat back to Independent .

Now he is once again a Democrat, which proves that there is no real difference between Independents and Democrats, especially since Independents vote with Democrats the vast majority of times.



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