Ben Carson: Syrian Refugees Want to Return Home

Republican candidate Ben Carson says Syrian refugees don’t want to come to the United States.

That was Carson’s assessment as he wrapped up his visit to refugee camps in Jordan.

“They want to go back home,” Carson said. “For us to bring 10,000 or 25,000 people over here, that doesn’t solve the problem.”

Carson also suggested that camps could serve as a solution for millions, while other refugees could be absorbed by Middle Eastern countries.

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“I did not detect any great desire for them to come to the United States,” Carson said.

“You’ve got these refugee camps that aren’t completely full. And all you need is the resources to be able to run them. Why do you need to create something else?” he asked.

Carson called on the American people, not the U.S. government, to launch a “humanitarian drive” to raise billions of dollars that officials say is needed to improve conditions for refugees settled across several countries in the Middle East.

“All they need is adequate funding. It’s really quite impressive when you go over there and see it,” Carson said, adding that some areas had recreational facilities, schools, electricity and indoor plumbing.

“They were a lot happier. They were quite willing to stay there as long as it takes before they can get back home,” he said.

The visit was Carson’s first overseas trip as a presidential candidate. Carson has taken heat for his grasp of foreign policy. He said he went to Jordan so he can have a better understanding of the issue.

After his visit to the Azraq camp in northern Jordan, Carson said he didn’t learn anything that gives him confidence in authorities’ ability to screen potential terrorists.

“What I learned is that you’re going to get a different answer from everybody depending on what their slant is,” he said. He reiterated his opposition to allowing any Syrian refugees to come to the United States.

Report via CBN News

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