Ben Carson Says He’s Target of Media ‘Hit Job’

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he’s the target of what he calls the “biased media.”

The charge comes after Politico published a report Friday claiming the retired neurosurgeon fabricated part of his 1991 autobiography, Gifted Hands, in which Carson says he was offered a “full scholarship” to West Point military academy.

Carson’s campaign denied the charge and called the story a ‘hit job.’

“People are clearly able to see what’s going on,” Carson said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

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“You look at the political hit job this week. I mean — even some of you guys in the media called him out on that. It’s pretty bad,” he added, referring to Kyle Cheney, who filed the report on West Point for Politico.

As more information emerged, Politico softened its story, but says it stands by its reporting.

Meanwhile, Carson says he raised $3.5 million last week thanks to the biased media coverage.

And he, along with conservative critics, asked why the media didn’t scrutinize President Barack Obama so closely 2008.

Report via CBN News

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