Ben Carson: Courageous Conviction

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The MSM never attacked Obama or even vetted him reasonably. The MSM does attack Carson, calling it vetting. There is a reason behind all this.

Obama is ideologically correct: he is a far left secular progressive, i.e., an atheistic communist, closely aligned with most reporters and producers in the MSM.

He said he was a Christian during the 2008 campaign, but the MSM understood he was just saying that to garner votes. He said he was against same sex marriage, but the MSM understood he was lying to garner votes. He said he respected the free market and the Constitution and promised to uphold it, but the MSM understood he was lying to garner votes. He said he would fight Jihad aggressively, but again, the MSM knew he was lying, and covered for him.

For seven years, the MSM has been covering Obama’s many lies because Obama is ideologically correct in their minds, and he must therefore be protected.

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Along comes a real Christian with a real redemption story, a real American with patriotic spirit, a real achiever who tells the truth, a real leader moving people to work toward a renewal of Americanism.

He makes Obama look bad, real bad.  And in that, he makes the Democrats look bad, really, really bad. He increasingly makes the MSM look bad. With each attack, Carson gets stronger. Figure that.

And so Carson must be destroyed, otherwise, the work of the atheistic communists will be for nothing these last 100 years.

Jihadists also understand that Carson presents a serious threat because he crosses all the lines and shows people the truth in a measured, reasonable way. He is not restrained by fear or political correctness. Instead he is guided by principles and moral fiber. He calls out Jihad, repudiates Sharia, and is not squeamish about standing against Sharia and Jihad, calling others to do likewise. The entire infiltration conspiracy perpetrated by Jihadists is being exposed by a spirit-filled Black man who loves America, a man of courage, conviction and influence.

Carson therefore presents a threat to all those promoting the Islamization of America, including Obama and Clinton. They know he has the potential to undo all their evil deeds, and therefore, they must destroy him.

He should have beefed up security from now on because his enemies, our enemies, will realize they cannot beat him in the arena of debate and ideas, and they will resort to violence.

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