Beat Down in New York: The American Press Gets Its Due

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Donald Trump held a press conference on May 31, 2016 in New York City and the earth shifted beneath us. Hallelujah!

Finally, someone executed the definitive boot drop on the neck of the destructive media and told them what so many Americans have longed to hear—they are not good people, neither wise nor intelligent, and journalism schools have sorely misled them into thinking otherwise. Too many in the media do not deserve the power they wield. The handful who strive to be conscientious journalists are too few, and Donald Trump is making that fact known.

Back in the day when journalists were patriots as were most Americans, there would have been no need for Trump to eviscerate them. They had not, back then, divorced their profession from their place as Americans. They sought what was good for the survival of the country as a whole. Now, they have absorbed the cancer that is progressivism, and for the most part, are no more than garden variety leftists with the power to destroy any whom they choose.

There is no way to measure fully the service Donald Trump has provided to the every-day American citizen. His taking on the press as he has and will continue to do gives us hope—consider his response to the reporter who (in noticeable dismay) asked if this confrontational attitude would follow him to the presidency and Trump delivered a determined “Yes.” He will be confrontational for as long as they continue to be disingenuous and corrupt.

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For now, this pernicious enemy of the nation, the press, is squirming under his foot. He can concentrate on the rest of our enemies, from outside and within our borders. One obstacle down, many more to go.

Memorable moments of that glorious session at Trump Tower stick in my mind. One of them is his interchange with Carl Cameron of Fox News (among a few of the gaggle of reporters excluded from Trump’s wrath). Cameron expressed the concerns some Republicans have with Trump’s lack of hesitancy to criticize other Republicans. The ongoing narrative is that Trump hurts the party by openly criticizing fellow members. That narrative says it is incumbent upon Trump to bring opposers on board, to unify the party. My question, why aren’t they joining him, to unify the party? They are the losers; they are the ones whom the electorate has rejected. Why must the mountain go to Mohammad?

That flaw in reasoning, I think, is the central problem with establishment Republicans. They are fixated on the “club” (the Republican Party) when their concern should be for the nation, which is at a precipice awaiting the final push from Obama and the Left. These leftists are clearing the landscape so as to establish a more perverted, godless union in the place that was America under God. Our situation is too dire to waste time on small-minded, egotistical people.

Again, Trump’s response was spot on. He questioned why he must be nice to people who oppose him. It doesn’t get any more rational than that; you don’t coddle your opposition. Some Republicans have been quite disrespectful and some downright nasty toward him (Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Bill Kristol among others).

Susana Martinez, Governor of Mexico, displayed infantile behavior by snubbing him when he held a campaign rally in her state. If she could not attend his rally, she could have at least welcomed him as a matter of protocol. He was after all the presumptive nominee of her party, and has since become the nominee in actuality. As a result of Martinez’s uncalled-for behavior, I am very pleased that Trump pointed out her failures in grappling with some of the state’s more serious issues. She deserved what she got.

Martinez, along with Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, is the Republican establishment’s ideal politico, because she and Haley are both ethnic and female. Some of us out here in the hinterlands see nothing special at all in these women. We don’t pander to race or gender. “Patriotic American” is our primary litmus test for who can or cannot be trusted. Everything else is secondary.

If you will recall, Nikki Haley was chosen to give the Republican response to Obama’s final State of the Union speech. In responding, she openly disrespected Donald Trump so as to send a “shot across the bows” that the establishment was ready to take him down. These women’s behavior and that of the entire Republican establishment deserves to be countered vigorously, and Trump is poised to do just that.

Thanks to Donald Trump, we are no longer in a time of pandering to special people and special interests, or groveling to the press. Those days are over, fin, finito, and I say, “good riddance.”

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Sylvia Thompson
Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal, leftist spin on issues pertaining to race and culture. Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She grew up in Southeast Texas during the waning years of Jim Crow-era legalized segregation, and she concludes that race relations in America will never improve as long as the voices of many are stifled by intimidation from the few. She believes the nation needs resounding voices of opposition from true patriots and Bible-oriented Christians, to stem the forces that would transform this nation into something it was never intended to be.

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