BBC Bryant Offers Trump Critique Straight Out of MSM Playbook

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Nick Bryant is BBC’s correspondent stationed in New York. His C.V. states that he has filed many of the world’s most coveted datelines, including the White House, the Kremlin, the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula, Downing Street, Ground Zero and Guantanamo Bay. He is a graduate from Cambridge with a PhD in American politics from Oxford. Although he is a foreign correspondent, Bryant is your typical establishment journalist.

Recently he wrote a column on Donald Trump “the Enduring Appeal” and offered his very typical observations, the kind you’d hear on CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times.

In speaking about Trump and Trump’s supporters Bryant wrote this:

There he is still, wearing his famed red baseball cap, headgear that not only proclaims his determination to “Make America Great Again” but also keeps his wayward hair – that lunatic fringe – in place.

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What is typical about his observations is it’s just more of the same character assassination we’ve come to expect. Establishment types love to point fingers at conservative politicians accusing them of “riling up the dumb,” “ass backward” American masses. They love to accuse conservatives of engaging in the politics of “hate,” “fear” and “xenophobia” and yet, in balding fashion, they embody the worst of American culture, not only philosophically, but also with their own lives.

While this isn’t germane to the main point, it is worth reflecting, and possibly even investigating the kind of lifestyles media personalities have, especially when considering how they stand in judgement of conservatives. The saying people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones is very apropos when it comes to these sanctimonious naysayers. But I digress.

The establishment media can talk all they want about how conservatives are tapping into the “anger” or “riling up the masses,” but they are the ones who have committed themselves to the diminution of respectful discourse decades ago.

Long before Donald Trump was ever recognized as a loud-mouth reality TV star, the media were busy turning ad hominem into their credo.

Ad hominem attacks have become their M.O. and yet in shameful display of their own self-absorption they throw their hands up in disgust crying foul and then quibble on and on about the extreme levels of intolerance among conservatives.

Now, the one thing you can count on with people like Bryant, is that they have larger then life egos. And even though they want to trash conservatives, they also want to be loved and adored by them (well, mostly by their cliquish comrades in arms) and for the sake of ratings they won’t eschew praise from conservatives.

What is clear about the media is they want to be heard. Bryant is one of thousands of “journalists” in America who wants to be taken seriously. Even the British press wants ratings in America.

However, this is precisely where things don’t add up. They want to be respected and taken seriously and yet they think nothing of lambasting conservative Americans, who make up at least 50% of the electorate. A huge market share that establishment media constantly alienates.

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