Bathroom Tyranny Is Just The Beginning for Radical LGBTQ Agenda

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Bathrooms are just the beginning into the look of the future. What is ultimately the agenda and where is this going?

Mat Staver: This agenda, the so-called bathroom bills that you’re seeing, having men use women’s facilities, is the beginning of the tip of the iceberg. The ultimate agenda is to abolish — if you can get your mind around this — the concept of male and female. The concept that there are binary divides between male and female. There is a biology that’s male, and there is a biology and physiology that’s female.

The ultimate agenda is to abolish that so that there are no parameters regarding sexual human behavior and that God Himself, the creator of male and female, is abolished.

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Matt Barber: They call it the “hetero-binary structure.” It’s the patriarchy. We have to get rid of this “heterosexist” — they call it heterosexist — hetero-binary structure. So much quackery and psycho-babble; so little time to deal with here. It is utterly absurd. They imagine this androgynous society, that’s totally fluid…   

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