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Tuesday night, September 13, BarbWire’s Executive Editor, Tami Jackson, hosted Robert C. O’Brien, foreign policy expert, for a 30 minute discussion on his new book, While America Slept: Restoring American Leadership to a World in Crisis.

Robert C. O'Brien
Robert C. O’Brien

Robert C. O’Brien is an attorney and commentator on foreign affairs and international law issues. His opinion and editorial pieces regularly appear in major publications such as, The Huffington Post and Newsmax.

Robert was Co-Chairman of the US Department of State Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan.

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O’Brien served as a US Representative to the UN General Assembly, where he worked with Ambassador John Bolton.

Tami’s good friend, Kurt Schlichter, writes about O’Brien and his book:

while-america-sleptIn a time when America’s foreign policy seems to have become the province of amateurs and cynical former campaign volunteers, a voice like Robert O’Brien’s is a breath of fresh air.

A go-to lawyer in high-stakes litigation, a seasoned diplomat, and an Army Reserve officer, Robert’s take on the issues hearkens back to the time when United States foreign policy was in the hands of wise, accomplished, experienced adults who understood the stakes because they had lived lives outside of graduate school seminars and away from computer screens.

Someday America will again be ready to embrace maturity when it comes to national security, and Robert O’Brien will be on the short list of wise men and women who will rebuild America’s stature in the world. While America Slept will be a blueprint for that critical reconstruction.

– Kurt Schlichter, Author, Attorney, and Colonel, United States Army (Ret.)

Ambassador John Bolton writes of the book:

Robert O’Brien’s essays are an especially timely contribution to the ongoing 2016 political debate, leading up to one of the most consequential elections in our history. National security should be at the center of the debate, and this book should be required reading for all participants.

Con Law Prof, Attorney, and syndicated talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, writes in the Forward:

O’Brien’s book could not be more vital at this moment in history. He invites the reader to revisit the issues that have followed one upon the other over the past eight years and take away a deep understanding of the sheer number and scale of challenges facing the next president. Don’t be surprised if O’Brien emerges as the key voice and guiding hand of a new and serious National Security Council in the West Wing, or at the Departments of Defense or State in 2017.

The country needs a dose of realism about the threats surrounding it. O’Brien’s book is part of a “wake-up” series of alarms that need sounding.

Listen to the 30 minute conversation as Tami Jackson and Robert C. O’Brien cover Obama’s effect on the the U.S. military, Sir Winston Churchill’s writings that messaged England in the dangerous days leading up to WWII, the Iran Deal, missteps in the Falklands by Obama and then Sec State Clinton, and more.


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