BarbWire ahead of the Game in Reporting on Obama’s Breastfeeding Troops

BarbWire reported last month on Obama’s breastfeeding armed forces and others in the media are now noticing this as well.

BarbWire published a Dec. 16, 2015 article-column hybrid based on a press release from the Minnesota National Guard.

The Minnesota National Guard issued a press release in mid-December boasting of how the modern American soldier expresses milk, and how she won’t let military duty get in the way of her doing so.

And on Jan. 29 published an article that both highlighted breastfeeding troops and provided additional information on Obama’s continuing efforts to feminize and degrade the U.S. armed forces.

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On top of this, BarbWire has uncovered even more information regarding military breastfeeding advocacy.

The official Facebook account off a group called Breastfeeding in Combat Boots made the following comment on an official November 2015 Army press release that promoted its military-moms-a-milking.

This is wonderful news for the Army soldiers that are breastfeeding at Ft. Knox, especially at command headquarters and the hospital, but I wonder how well the policy is being implemented for those women serving in other areas such as the motor pool or armory? Do they have designated areas to pump and the time to do so as well? Thank you for including the link to our website where military mothers can find lots of information and resources to be successful at breastfeeding while serving in the military.

So expect more feminization and weakening of the armed forces because what has already been done is not the end of it.

And expect conservative politicians and pundits to remain largely silent and impotent with their heads bowed and tails tucked between their legs in dutiful submission.

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