Barber on Israel: No surprise if IRS went after pro-Israel groups, too

By Charlie Butts

OneNewsNow – A legal expert says Congress should expand its investigation of the IRS targeting of non-profit conservative groups to include pro-Israel organizations, too.

Reports have surfaced that the IRS targeted groups whose political and religious views conflicted with administration policies. That list includes groups that support Israel that were seeking non-profit status.

Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, says there is anti-Semitism within the Obama administration, which makes that targeting probable.

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Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)“So this is really no surprise that in addition to conservative organizations, Jewish organizations were targeted for harassment and abuse and intimidation by the Obama administration,” he tells OneNewsNow.

Barber points out that Israel has been one of this country’s strongest allies for many decades – and then “along comes” President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

“And they literally throw one of our strongest allies under the bus,” he says, and align themselves with Islamic terrorists such as Hamas.

Barber suggests the freest Muslims in the Middle East live in Israel, and “the fact that this president would work to undermine Israel in such a way is an absolute disgrace,” he says.

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