Balkans: 22 Years Later and No One Demands an Exit

Note: A version of this analysis originally appeared at the Rebel Megaphone.

U.S. and Canadian forces, along with other NATO nations, remain in the Balkans 22 years after former U.S. President Bill Clinton began U.S. military involvement in them, and yet unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, no one is demanding an exit from them. Why is this?

The U.S. Department of State boasts of Clinton starting U.S. military action in the Balkans in 1993. It was one of the first major things he ordered after he became President. The United Nations had been meddling in the Balkans without the U.S. prior to this.

NATO eventually become involved and established a permanent presence in Kosovo in 1999, with the start of the Kosovo Force (KFOR) mission. And while the State Department apparently thinks U.S. and NATO intervention and occupation have been good things, they actually have been disastrous.

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The intervention in the Balkans—on behalf of Muslims and against Christians—helped provide Islamic terrorists with valuable training and recruitment opportunities, giving them everything they needed to be stronger than ever when they launched the next phase of their global jihad on September 11, 2001. And the Balkans remain a fertile ground for jihadists to this day, serving as a hotbed for exporting Islamic terrorists all across the globe.

This, of course, is irrelevant to many people. In fact, that NATO helped Islamic terrorists by deploying forces to the Balkans was ignored when it happened just as it remains ignored now. The West effectively fought (and still fights) for Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq. And it did the same in the Balkans. And just like in Afghanistan and Iraq, Muslims hate the West all the more for it, claiming the West warred against them instead of helping them.

NATO also failed to bring peace to the Balkans. Major unrest and violence stemming from continuing ethnic tensions regularly occur in the Balkans as a whole. Unrest and violence even occur in Kosovo where NATO remains, and KFOR troops sometimes become involved in the violence (gunfire wounded KFOR troops as recently as 2012) or they have to respond to it. Yet there are no complaints about this failure even as there are constant complaints about the lack of peace in Afghanistan and Iraq. There also are no demands for an exit from the Balkans.

Furthermore, there aren’t any politicians or pundits accusing NATO of being guilty of inflicting damage on the Balkans or massive poverty on Kosovo. Nor are politicians and pundits accusing NATO of having damaged its reputation because of its decision to invade and occupy the Balkans. People aren’t gnashing their teeth over how NATO is responsible for the tens of thousands of people who died while it conducted military operations there, or how its involvement has created further damage to the world—something many people on the left and right take a sadistic pleasure in doing with the U.S. regarding the Iraq War.

On top of all this, KFOR troops are now wasting time in Kosovo by fighting fires.

So why aren’t people crying about all the problems NATO created in the Balkans? Why aren’t they crying about all the money and KFOR troops being wasted there now? Where are the howls for an exit strategy? Why does everyone seem fine with an indefinite occupation of the Balkans even as they used to fly into raving fits of madness when anyone previously suggested the U.S. could remain in Iraq for generations?

The answer to all these questions is quite simple. A Democratic American president started the military intervention in the Balkans for reasons that weren’t vital to U.S., Canadian, or NATO interests, and for reasons that were in defense of an Islamic people and endorsed by the United Nations. Therefore, the press, pundits, and government leaders have happily supported the intervention in and occupation of the Balkans—an intervention and occupation that has now lasted over a generation.

U.S. and Western forces can remain deployed and occupy nations forever whenever they’re ordered to do so by a Democratic American president, and whenever they’re deployed and occupying in the interests of the United Nations and with no benefit to the West.

Image:  20120601, Images: KFOR removes roadblock near Rudare, Kosovo, June 1, 2012 [Image 6 of 7] – 172nd Public Affairs Detachment – by Sgt. 1st Class James Wagner – “First Lt. James Kump, left, and Command Sgt. Maj. Matthew Marks, members of 3rd Squadron, 108th Cavalry Regiment, Georgia Army National Guard, provides perimeter security during roadblock removal operations June 1, 2012. Two Kosovo Force soldiers were injured by gunfire during the operation after unidentified individuals in a violent crowd opened fire on security forces providing a cordon around roadblock removal efforts. KFOR responded in self-defense, using tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition.” 

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