BADGE OF HONOR: Right Wing Watch Condemns Matt Barber and ‘Hating Jesus’

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One of the greatest things a godly person can receive is hatred from those who serve evil. So Matt Barber should be happy that Right Wing Watch is condemning him and Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity. He should wear the hatred as a badge of honor.

I assisted Matt in writing Hating Jesus and he documents how leftists have organized and enacted a successful strategy to vilify Christians. The strategy has been so successful that Christianity has all but been driven from the public square in America. But leftists aren’t finished with their plans to ensconce perversion, suffering, and other wickedness in the world, and so they must attack anyone who dares to fight back.

Matt spoke at the Road to Majority conference in Washington, DC on June 11. Part of his remarks included mentioning Hating Jesus and noting how the forces of evil are united in their War on Christianity.

Matt speaks the truth. And because he does, leftists are mad.

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hating-jesus-the-american-lefts-war-on-christianity-0-1That’s why Right Wing Watch, an evil organization, published its diatribe against him. (Start controlling the language and narrative. Let leftists call us haters and hate organizations all they want. It’s true. We do hate. But they hate too. The difference is: we hate evil; they hate good. So correctly identify leftists as evil and evil organizations.)

It’s a waste of time to engage with RWW or refute what it published because there is no point in engaging with evil. In fact, one of the things that irritates me is when Christians make fools of themselves—and damage Christianity—by “debating” sworn enemies. They help evil by apologizing for Christian “wrongs” and otherwise undermining Christianity. So whenever you next hear someone say, “We need more debate in this country,” tell them: “No we don’t. We need less debate. We need more people to fight evil.”

Be one of those people who fights evil. And one of the ways you can do so is by purchasing Hating Jesus. Not only is it a great book and a way to support Matt and me, but you’ll be repudiating evildoers who don’t want you to know what they’re up to and how you can stop them.

In fact, after you purchase Hating Jesus, drop the creeps at Right Wing Watch a simple note that says, “Thank you for alerting me to Matt Barber’s book, Hating Jesus. I’ve purchased it and greatly enjoy it.”

RWW will hate you too. But be glad for that. Evil should hate you if you’re doing the right thing.

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