Avenatti Brings More Attacks on Kavanaugh

Michael Avenatti has a long history of going after Donald Trump, which dates back long before Trump ever thought about politics. To Avenatti, attacking Kavanaugh is attacking Trump.

If you’ve heard the lawyer-snake and lawyer-shark jokes, you have an idea of the type off lawyer Avenatti is.

Avenatti is not only Stormy Daniels’ attorney, but he is also representing first one (Julie Swetnick) and now a second woman who is making claims against Brett Kavanaugh.

After signing a sworn statement against Kavanaugh, Swetnick has already been reported to be changing parts of her story.

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To no surprise, Avenatti has produced a second accuser and given enough time, I’m sure he’ll keep producing more and more accusers until he has thoroughly destroyed Kavanaugh and Trump’s reputations.

(Fox News) – As new questions emerge about his first client’s salacious accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, Democratic lawyer Michael Avenatti has produced another sworn statement from a second woman claiming the Supreme Court nominee, while in high school, would “spike” the “punch” at house parties and be “inappropriate” toward women.

Avenatti, who also serves as adult film star Stormy Daniels’ attorney, tweeted the statement from his newest client, whose name and address is redacted, early Wednesday.

“Yet another accuser has come forward (see sworn stmt below). She is prepared to meet with the FBI today and disclose multiple facts and witnesses,” Avenatti tweeted, sharing his client’s statement.

The individual claims to be a resident of South Florida, and a 1983 graduate of a high school “in the Washington, D.C. area.” …

As pointed out during the Ford and Kavanaugh debacle is that sex offenders the caliber of what Democrats are accusing Kavanaugh of being, continue to offend.

If that is the case, then why have so many of his female associates and friends reported no such behavior from him?

None of the many female law clerks who have worked with Kavanaugh, have said anything bad about him, nor did the 65 female friends he knew during his school years.

Secondly, if Democrats want to play this game, then why doesn’t FBI investigate all of their school days and see just how saintly of a life they lived.

To be honest, I trust telephone scam artists more than I trust Avenatti and the parade of accusers he produces.



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