Author Claims New Photo of Loch Ness Monster

The legend or myth of the Loch Ness Monster, affectionately dubbed Nessie back in the 1930s has once again grabbed center stage as a military historian and author Ricky D. Phillips, boldly displays new photo he ‘accidentally’ took.

The first mention of a creature in Scotland’s Loch Ness was made around 565 AD by an Irish monk known today as Saint Columba.

Occasional sightings have been made over the centuries with an increase in sightings occurring with the advent of cameras.

We’ve all seen some of the photos of what is supposed be the famed creature, but any verification of a real creature is till highly debated by many.

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The Scottish Sun (tabloid)- NESSIE ‘CAPTURED’ Top author captures incredible new Loch Ness Monster picture showing ‘bird-like’ creature with 4ft neck and rugby-ball head – Military historian Ricky D Phillips took amazing snap by accident day after he saw giant flipper and heard ‘Darth Vader’ breathing.

A RESPECTED military historian reckons he has captured an amazing new pic of Nessie.

Ricky D Phillips took his astonishing snap last week and is convinced his sighting of a “bird-like” Loch Ness Monster has cracked the centuries-old mystery.

He revealed the mysterious creature had a 4ft neck and a head “the size of a rugby ball.”

The best-selling author of warfare titles – including The First Casualty, The Untold Story of the Falklands War – also works as a tour guide.

He was leading a party of eight foreign tourists who went on a cruise on Loch Ness last Thursday while he headed off to take some snaps…

As a biologist and avid outdoorsman, I love it every time a reportedly extinct creature is found to be living today, like the coelacanth.

Over the years, I watched many scientific expeditions that have been conducted on Loch Ness and that drawn me a conclusion of whether or not Nessie really exists.

First of all, any creature resembling the descriptions of Nessie would need a substantial food base and Loch Ness does NOT have nearly a sufficient food base for such a creature.

Food chains start with microscopic phytoplankton, but studies on Loch Ness says there is very little phytoplankton in the loch, which is also why there is not a large native fish population in the loch.

Basically, it is doubtful that any large creature like Nessie could survive in Loch Ness, so, I personally doubt that Nessie is real, despite grainy and out-of-focus photos.



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