As ‘Mr. Chameleon’ Reverts to Type, Will Christian Voters Revert to God?

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In his recent contribution to the steady drumbeat of articles attacking conservatives who refuse to buy into the choiceless choice between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Democrat In All But Label Donald Trump, WND’s David Kupelian accurately observes that “America has become home to large numbers of people who unashamedly oppose her core values.” There’s little doubt that Mr. Kupelian would agree that those core values are accurately reflected in the self-evident truths stated in the American Declaration of Independence; and the premises of government the Declaration logically derives from those truths. That being so, a major problem with his article is that it ignores the fact that in all of his previous life, Donald Trump lived as one of the people who rejects those premises.

Particularly on issues of God-endowed right, such as abortion and the elitist faction effort to erase respect for the unalienable rights of the natural family, Mr. Trump has been a shameless, boastful icon of licentious libertinism, one who revels in the “rights” but forgets the authority of God that makes them right. Any assertion that he has now repented of his scandalous role in promoting this typically leftist Democrat position is entirely based on the ever-changing patter he now deploys to gull credulous GOP conservatives out of their votes. 

But given the plainly established character of Mr. Trump’s life as an opportunistic manipulator, that patter is more than likely to be nothing more than “sales puffery.” That’s the term his lawyers are using to describe the false promises of his personal involvement use in promotional materials for what was called Trump University. Consistent with that “bait and switch” technique, Trump’s political patter changes, like the skin of a chameleon, to suit the situation he confronts at any given moment. He says whatever best serves the purposes of his ambition in that moment.

We’re watching that happen right now as he and his cohorts blur the boisterous fuss he made about deporting illegal immigrants, which he used to establish his phony credentials on issues that involve enforcing our immigration laws. That promise stood in contradiction with his previous criticism of deportation enforcement policies far less brusque than his campaign blustering implied. But his passionate noisemaking, purposely shaded toward xenophobic bigotry, created a furor that distracted many of the GOP’s disaffected grassroots conservatives from seriously examine his record.

When his retooled stance on illegal immigration comes into focus again, it will be more in line with the stance he consistently took before setting out to woo GOP primary voters with the rhetorically pleasing persona he created for the primaries. He’s counting on the fact that the people he fooled, their pride now invested in him, will be emotionally unwilling to admit they have been deceived. In effect, he will make good, in terms of the immigration issues, the boast he made that his supporters will never turn against him, no matter what he says or does. (“I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”)

This pattern suggests that Trump will revert to type— i.e., a socialist, libertine, demagogue and Obama/Hillary admiring would-be tyrant—when and if he gets elected. He will then be positioned to continue working with the same coalition of socialist Democrats and GOP quislings that has engineered support for Obama in the U.S. Congress during Obama’s tenure, neutralizing the GOP majorities in both Houses. He’s already made it clear that he will connive with them to continue the borrow to spend addiction to “pork barrel” politics that oils the legislative machine used to expand “big government” control of every aspect of America’s life. 

But Mr. Trump will do so wearing a GOP label. He will do so shielded from criticism by the vested pride of many of the GOP grassroots voters whose anger and resentment against the GOP quislings he has successfully manipulated. Obama’s socialist tyranny fed the fires of grassroots political disaffection with the whole Twin-Party sham. But if he is successful, Trump’s con will buy the elitist promoters of the sham time to advance, and quite possibly complete, the apparatus for factional dictatorship Obama has already well advanced toward completion. This has been the purpose of Trump’s candidacy from the start.

Of course, if Trump loses to Hillary Clinton, that same purpose will be served. For with the bubble of his false reputation punctured by the loss, the people he has deceived will wake up to the facts that even now reveal the pattern of that deception. Disappointment will force them to entertain the likelihood that Trump’s fabricated caricature of cynically deceitful political posturing was all along meant to hand victory to his once and future friends, the Clintons.

So-called “conservative” leaders in the GOP who helped him to gull the GOP’s disaffected base will be vulnerable to harsh criticism for their role in helping him assure Clinton’s victory. This will be particularly true of the ones who helped him to distract attention from his true character on issues of God-endowed right, like abortion and respect for the unalienable rights that the “laws of nature and of Nature’s God” bestow upon the natural family.

With their emotional blinders ripped away many of the disaffected will finally be willing to look at the facts that even now warn against being taken in by him. They will wonder why pastors and icons of the movement to defend innocent life and the natural family did not take those facts seriously, as their professed allegiance to God’s truth required, instead of playing down their significance for the sake of political expediency. This aspect of Trump’s defeat may leave America’s Christ professing voters crestfallen and demoralized, not just by the performance of their reputed leaders, but by their own passion blinded gullibility.

I every day pray that in the event that this takes place, God will help these Christ professing voters to see that the result they lament was not just the product of individual failings. It is the result intended by the orchestrators of the sham partisan political process, a process engineered to require that all those who participate in it abandon or conceal their allegiance to the God-acknowledging premises on which the identity of the America people depends.

Liberty is one of America’s goals, but it is not the liberty of prideful human will and heedlessly indulged passion. It is the liberty wherewith Christ offers true freedom to all who are led of God to accept the law He has written on their hearts, and who therefore consent to walk in Christ’s way, bearing justice and love toward one another.

Recently one of Bill Federer’s American minutes contained a quote from President Calvin Coolidge, once known as “Silent Cal.” But the quote suggests that there was more wisdom in his reputed “silence” than in the culturally censored words of the contemporary politicians whom the elitist faction’s partisan sham imposes upon us:

Our government rests upon religion. It is from that source that we derive our reverence for truth and justice, for equality and liberty, and for the rights of mankind. Unless the people believe in these principles they cannot believe in our government…. 

The present sham party system has banished serious political discourse, rooted in the Declaration’s God-acknowledging principles, from our politics. If Christ professing voters wish seriously to restore the strength and integrity of our country, they must reject the false promises of Mr. Chameleon, Donald Trump, and those of the obviously anti-American Hillary Clinton. They must build a political vehicle that, like our Founding Documents, trusts in the promises of our Creator, God; and in the Word through which He clearly offers us the way to their fulfillment, as individuals, but also as a people, if we still have the goodwill.

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Dr. Alan Keyes
Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement. He is well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the constitutional republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He has worked to promote an approach to politics based on the initiative of citizens of goodwill consonant with the with the principles of God-endowed natural right.

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