Armed Good Guy Stops Shooter at Synagogue

On Saturday, a crazed 19-year-old sought fame by trying to shoot as many people as possible as a Jewish synagogue in San Diego.

The Jews at the synagogue were observing the last day of their Passover season by gathering for their memorial prayer for the dead, a ceremony known as Yizkor.

When the suspect began shooting, a worshipper at the synagogue produced his concealed carry weapon and handed it to an off-duty Border Patrol agent, who stopped the shooting from being worse than it was.

The one fatality was a woman, Lori Gilbert-Kaye who jumped in front of the rabbi to save his life, sacrificing her own.

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The rabbi and two others were wounded, including an 8-year-old girl and her uncle, who were visiting from Israel.

Breitbart – Source: Armed Parishioner Gave Gun to Off-duty Border Patrol Agent at Poway Synagogue – A source in the San Diego Jewish community told Breitbart News on Saturday evening that the U.S. Border Patrol agent who chased the shooter at a Poway, California, synagogue earlier was given a gun by an armed parishioner.

The congregant had come to the synagogue to say Yizkor, the memorial prayer for the dead, as is customary on the last day of Passover, which coincided with the Jewish Sabbath. He had brought a gun in his tallis (prayer shawl) bag as a precaution.

When the shooting started, according to the source, the congregant handed the gun to an off-duty Border Patrol agent, telling him that he knew better what to do with the gun than the congregant himself…

Democrats and the sewagestream media will most likely downplay the role of the armed parishioner and his role in helping to stop the shooter and saving more lives.

They will play on the fact of the shooter having a gun, but not how a legal gun was used to save lives.

To admit the truth would undermine their quest to disarm the American people.

With the increased attacks on Christian churches, Jewish synagogues and Islamic mosques, every place of worship should have several legally armed people on site to help protect people who are trying to worship.



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